[H] Same - 2 Day SH 9-12ST - LF All

Same - Tarren Mill

We are a group of players that have met through World Of Warcraft and have played together ever since WoD. We are all different skill and experience levels and our main aim is to play well, and clear mythic. We are not try hards, we don’t spend all day on the game (that’s a lie). We all have real life commitments such as work and uni.

We are looking for like minded people, people who enjoy the game and want to play well. But has no desire to push world ranks and just wants to enjoy raiding and get some gear for mythic plus and have a laugh with us.

When We Raid
Monday 9-12 Server Time
Wednesday 9-12 Server Time
We may do some alt heroic raids with some added pugs etc, usually on the weekend.

Recruitment Status
Tank - FULL
Healers - Open
Ranged DPS - Open
Melee DPS - Open

What You Can Expect at Same

  • A reliable, knowledgeable and fair leadership team.
  • 2 Day raiding with the aim of doing the best we can in that time.
  • Be around players of all skill levels and experience that you can learn from.
  • Mythic+ and alt activities outside of main raid.
  • We often clear heroic within first two weeks of raid opening.
  • Top quality banter

What We Require From Our Members

  • Reliability - We only raid 2 nights a week for 3 hours a night. Its not a hard schedule to keep. We also don’t like having surplus players and benching people on a raid night. We understand real life happens (but not all the time).
  • Adaptability and Drive to Improve - We understand people play at different levels, if we like you as a person, we will keep you around. But we ask that if people give you constructive criticism you take it and run with it.
  • Maturity - We love to have a laugh, poke fun at each other and have a good time. If you get easily offended and cry over the smallest comment this is not the place for you.
  • Logs - Before you contact us, please make sure you have some half decent logs available. Something recent, in BFA or ill even take good Legion logs if that’s the last time you played. I’m not asking for rank 1’s or 90’s every fight. But im also asking for more than 13% greys every fight.

If we haven’t scared you off yet, drop me a message on Discord or BNET
Jamezzar#2509 BNET
Jamezzar#0178 Discord
Milkyard#2525 BNET
Milkyard#1586 Discord

Guild Discord

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