H <Sanctuary> Firemaw 2 day raiding | Content cleared


Karazhan : 11/11 (multiple runs & alt runs for those interested)
Gruul & Magtheridon : 3/3
SSC: 6/6
TK: 4/4

A mature, educated and drama-free collective of gamers that want our play experience to be what any game should be; fun and relaxing.

Currently, many of us are settled down with families and careers.

We are not aiming for world first or realm first achievements, we are not
super sweaty, but there is a great expectation of preparation and performance so that everyone’s time is respected.

These are the core qualities that describe who we are, and what you can expect if you join us.

Right now we are looking for more like minded and reliable players to join our ranks, both for the current phase and upcoming phases.

Raiding Days:

20 - 23:00 Wednesday
20 - 23:00 Sunday

What we expect from you:
• Come prepared for raids (enchants / gems / consumables)
• Be ready on time
• Knowledgeable of raid encounters
• Willing to help and improve yourself and your guildmates
• Manners, wipes occur, insulting other players is not accepted
• We encourage feedback and suggestions, always welcome.

What are we currently recruiting:



All classes will be considered on trial for a short period.

If you are interested in becoming a member please reach out.

Vonstroke#2626 | PM ingame Cid, Solchaser or Zartex.

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Nice! I’m interested! Will it be A or H? And what realm?

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Good afternoon

We are currently horde on Shazzrah with our main characters.

Hey im interested in joining for a fresh start. Sent u a request on bnet.

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Sent you a request on bnet

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Sounds much like what i am looking for, if you guys want a Boomie to tag along. I am interested in both pve and pvp.

I am on Shazz but put my druid to rest till TBC, but if a transfer is in horizon i can do that.


Good afternoon all

thanks for the requests, had a nice chat already with like minded people.

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Hey, I am interested. Raiding days / hours ?

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Just what i’m looking for! :slight_smile: Sent you a bnet request

Still working out what class to play - potentially going to boost a shaman/ warrior and level a pally.

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Good evening, raid times are on schedule Wed & Thu 20:00-23:00 first team, second team is being discussed at the moment, with slightly later starting/end hours or possible a weekend raid. Like said, we are listening to feedback from all new players.

Good evening, will contact you tonight.

Sounds perfect, sent you a BNET request too!

Roster update 18/05:

Shamans CLOSED

Any ideas of having a weekend raiding guild? I raid on retail and despite Shadowlands being on cruze control atm , once 9.1 lands I’m gonna be raiding during the week again. I want to come back for TBC so I’m interested in this :smiley:

Still recruiting? Sent request on Bnet

Hi, yes there are still spots open.

Add Vonstroke#2626 for a chat :wink:

Roster update 22/05:

Shamans - ele/enh/resto



Hi, I’m interested. I’ve sent you a bnet request.

Hi, have you decided on raid times for second raid team? Looking for a guild with later hours as hunter. I cleared whole TBC back in the day except for KJ in SWP.

Added you on btag :slight_smile:

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Sent you a Bnet request - interested, with the potentially later starting, though could also do standard raid times occassionally.

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