[H] <Simulacrum> Draenor - 1/10M SOD - LF HEALERS/DPS for MYTHIC RAIDING (also interested in merge)

still need castersssss

still upppp need 1 tank and ranged dps

up, still looking for owls, healers and 1 tank

still in need of dpssssssssss

still looking for dps (mage/lock/owl/unholydk) and healers (priest/druid/sham/pala)

need dps (mage/lock/owl/dk) and healers (priest/druid/sham/pala)

still looking for mage/lock/unholy dk/owl

still looking for mage/lock/unholy dk/owl/ele sham and healers (priest/sham/hpala)

up for DPS (mage/lock/owl/unholy dk)

still need dps!!!

need mage/lock asap…and maybe also a pala/priest healer

need deeps!!!

looking for DEPESE! mage/lock/unholy dk/DH/monk

in need of DPS

up - where are all the deeps?

still up, need DEPESE

up for DPS!

still up for dps

artificer is down, next is inerva, but we need more dpsssss

still in need of dps!