[H] <Simulacrum> Draenor - 1/10M SOD - LF HEALERS/DPS for MYTHIC RAIDING (also interested in merge)

still in need for DPSSSSSS!!!

we need 1 SP/ELE sham for complete our raid team

1 sp and 1 dk is what we miss the most

We are still in need of a DK/SP!

still need those SP/ELE/DK

still need of a SP/ELE SHAM/DK

need good dps ! and 1 priest healer!

lf dps dk/dh/sp/ele/warrior!

still up for DPS!!!

up for DPS! now 9/10hc

very interested in DK/SP/ELE

up for DEEPS!

where are all the dks?


dk/sp ? anyone ?

still need!

LF DK! or SP!

Hey! Im currently looking for a guild to raid with 2 times a week and doing keys on a daily basis. Im currently holding alot of Curves and S1 KSM and almost done with S2.
About me:
Im a 26 y/o swedish guy who have played wow since early Cataclysm and played every expac since then.
I have decent amount of knowledge of every spec in the game, of how to play them that is.

Main = Ele sham - 241 equipped ( missing 2 dom sockets to be viable for Mythic progression

  • Mage 230+ ilvl ( no dom sockets )
  • Prot pala 210+ ilvl ( no dom sockets )
  • Hunter ( newly dinged and gearing atm
  • SP ( Played a little bit in beginning of S2 ) old main

If you want more info or just want to chat abit, Contact me on either

Bnet: beaNR#2346
Discord: zan1#4053

spot opened for a lock also, and we still need DKS/SP!!!

dk/mage and SP :frowning: