[h] <sins> 2/9- lfm - semi hardcore

(Blukuqt) #41
We are now open for a hunter spot!

Add bluku#2821 for a chat

(Blukuqt) #42
Hunter spot now closed.

Frost DK

still open - add me on bluku#2821

(Blukuqt) #43

We are now recruiting a Rogue for our mythic roster - please get in touch on bluku#2821

(Blukuqt) #44

We are still looking for those rogues and a tank for a our mythic roster please add me on bluku#2821

(Blukuqt) #45

Warlocks and Mages - add me on bluku#2821

(Blukuqt) #46

Now working on Zul - still after 1 Holy/Disc Priest, 1 Mage and some locks for when we get to Ghuun add me on bluku#2821

(Blukuqt) #47

After locks, Fire Mage, Disc Priest and 1 tank for the upcoming raid in 8.1.

Add me on bluku#2821 for a chat

(Blukuqt) #48

LF Warlocks please add me on bluku#2821

(Bluukuu) #49

In need of 1 Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, Warlock and balance Druid.

Please add me on bluku#2821 for a chat!

(Blukuqt) #50

Still on the look out for exceptional players to join us in the up coming raid - Please add me on bluku#2821 for more info.

(Blukuqt) #51

Looking for Restoration Druid and Restoration Shaman for the up coming tier!

Please PM me on Bluku#2821 for a chat!


bump for new recruits


Still looking for a couple of members before the next raid


Searching far and wide for Warlocks and other potentiel recruits.


Looking for Warlocks to join us for the upcoming tier to push for CE! If you have what it takes please add me on bluku#2821.

If your class is not listed please do feel free to add me for a chat!




SINS are recruiting all exceptional players of any role or class - We are at a solid roster point as we go into this next tier. However if you feel you have what it takes please don’t hesistate to contact us.



Hey guys has a spot opened for an old idiot?

(Bluukuu) #58

LF Resto Shaman, Warlock and Disc Priest - rounding out our Mythic roster. Please add me on bnet bluku#2821 - serious applicants only please.