[H] Slack Chill and Kill 10/10 N/ 1/10 HC Tues/Sunday 8pm ST

Hey guys,

We are a more relaxed guild looking for more players to come join us and push the guild into Heroic progression currently we are in need of DPS, Healer and a Tank to help keep pushing and moving forward through the content

We raid on a Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 to 22:00 with mythic dungeons happening in-between currently at 10/10 NM and 2/10 HC and loving every second of it.

If your looking to be part of a group as it grows and looking for that place you are able to chill out and enjoy the game while still getting involved with most aspects of the game then come say hi you can whisper me or saphielle

Alternatively feel free to add me to Bnet and we can get you into the team FunkyMonk#2145579

See you in game

Always on the lookout for players to join the fight!

9/10 normal and 1/10HC! We raid in a fun, stress free environment while having a nice progression!

come join us you know you want too!

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Growing quite nicely!

Still looking for more DPS to join! If you have any questions just sent us a message and lets have a chat :smiley:

Growing steadily and getting ready to raid tonight hopefully to polish off Normal and carry on working through Heroic! If your a dps and melee come and fancy a bit of raiding then come

Did a full run last night and we’re now officially 10/10 normal!

Ready to take on HC! Want to join in the fun? Message Zanthiran or me!


I would be interested to have a chat if you want to add me in game!


Hey sure I’ll try adding you tonight or tomorrow and hopefully see you in game :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are now at 10/10n and 2/10 heroic and still going strong

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