(H) Solo-Friendly Guild Interest Check

Hello Folks!

I personally like to play WoW solo for RP and questing content, but I understand this is an MMO and some things in the game are best experienced with others, preferably like-minded friends.

It can get quite lonely playing solo all the time, and with that in mind I had an idea for creating a guild for other people who enjoy the game the same way that I do; mostly solo, but with the option for some occasional friendly group content.

Are you a mostly solo player who’d be interested in a guild like this? For clarification the premise of the guild would essentially be a relaxed social space, for people to chat about the game and occasionally quest/PVP/run dungeons together, but never with anything specifically planned. No Raiding, no Mythic+, no Rated PvP, no mandatory discord or activity.

I know im not alone in the way I like to play the game, and that mostly solo players make up something of a silent majority here on WoW, so I thought I’d put the idea forward here before proceeding any further with it.

Thanks for reading!


I love this idea!

I’d definitely be interested in this, maybe a community would work better but either form could definitely work.

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Yes maybe a community would be better, although it can be tricky too. I tried it myself once to create one some year ago and nobody joined >.< But maybe if one would title it right and market it in an inviting way people could be more interested ?

I just saw these notifications but thank you for your responses! I’ve shelved the idea for now but may pick it up again in future, If I do i’ll be sure to let you know!


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