[H] SP lf long term 2s/3s

Hello :slight_smile:

Shadow priest looking for healers/dps to play 2s and 3s with and also to build a team to play regularly if possible. :slight_smile:

Im a 28yo chilled non toxic hungarian guy but i speak german and english fluently aswell so going voice wouldnt be a problem for me and its also much appriciated :slight_smile:
I play wow every day and would also be able to que everyday at anytime .

My xp in SL is only 1853 max in 3s dropped to 1.6+ cr my 2s cr is still 1.8 havent been playing 2s for a while :smiley:
My xp from previous expansions:
Legion Arms warr 2.2 in 3s at 2.5mmr
Bfa demo lock 2.2 in 2s at 2.5-2.6mmr
And other classes between 1.8 and 2k

I dont mind if you dont have the same xp all i want is to play with likeminded people, that means be voice active, be motivated to play and learn new things and be able to play atleast 4 times a week for 2-3 hours if more the better :smiley:

If you have more questions or want to chat feel free to add me at BxM#21981

Until then cya guys :slight_smile: