[H] Starting RBG Team LF TC and exceptional players

Hi there,

I’ve recently joined forces with a couple of people I met through the ingame LFG in order to avoid the randomness/time effort of pugging and to push towards 1800 in RBG’s and perhaps beyond. We are in the beginning fase of organizing the team and are in search of people that fit the roster.

As for essentials we have an excellent Rogue and DH tank, however, we are still in search for a good melee TC that matches our group and wants to push with us.
Good vocals are obviously mandatory and it is expected to understand/speak English fluently.

We are open to have a chat with exceptional players (Warlock, Holy Pala, Warr, DK) with the same motivations, but we are mainly looking for that communicative mastermind that will TC the run. I’d like to see the rest of the roster grow organically through our contacts.

We are aiming at 2-3 RBG sessions of 2 hours per week on set dates (most likely weekday evenings) with hopefully a soon set roster.

Current rating we are playing at is between 1650-1700 and aiming to push 1800 at least.

Feel free to contact me at Sylvain#22662