[H] - <Sweetacids> LFM Flexible Heroic raiding progress

Recently founded guild is looking to expand and find new people on Kazzak EU Horde. Wishing to make it a place where old and new friends can come together and have fun without too much of a commitment.

We are currently recruiting players for our flexible Heroic raid roster. The application is open to any player wishing to progress in raiding without the obligation to put of your free time in it. Originally the guild was founded as a place where long-time players and newer players can hangout together and learn new things from each other. Recently we’ve decided we want to progress a bit further into raiding and would like to expand for that reason.

What do we expect from you as raider:

  • The ability to join Discord calls on raid nights (Speaking is not mandatory, listening is)
  • Being able to handle criticism and being able to critique other players in a fair way
  • Have a flexible mindset when it comes to raid nights
  • Have a decent understanding of your class.

What can you expect from the guild:

  • A friendly place where everyone likes to learn new things and help other players understand the game better
  • A place to grow. We try to do a normal raid night each week where any player is welcome. Even if you never raided before and are just starting out.
  • A flexible roster; At the start of each week a poll will be held to find which days suit most people this week. (Great for irregular work-shifts)
  • Most food, gems, flasks and enchants provided as long as the guild bank allows

As said, there are no default raid days. However the times at which we raid is mostly 19:00 – 22:00 ST.

We are mostly looking for classes as listed below, but any class is welcome to apply and will be taken in consideration:


Ranged dps:

Melee dps:
Death Knight

If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to contact us on Discord or Battle.net:
Discord server: 7qeAGx2RVR (Not able to post links, but this should suffice)
Beev (GM):
Bnet: Beev#21821
Discord: Zoë (Beev)#7911

Gannicia (recruitment):
Bnet: Gannicia#2294
Discord: Gannicia#6692


Up. Still looking for flexible and like-minded people.

Up. Still looking for flexible and like-minded people.