[H] Synergize-Kazzak {11/12M + 10/12M} Recruiting

Who are we?
We are Synergize-Kazzak (EU) a serious raiding guild who also boast a great community. We have two Mythic Raiding Teams.
Team ‘Me Combust’ is currently 11/12M.
Team ‘Zulu Warriors’ is 10/12M.

Synergize has an active discord where people do content outside of the raids, mythic+, some PvP and play other games together as a community. Having two Mythic teams increases the player pool we have to be able to push some keys and enjoy some harder aspects of the game. We recruit talent, but also the right players who will fit in well with our group.

How is it during raids?
We like to banter and meme, but we are more serious during boss fights to get the things done. But that doesn’t mean we don’t allow talking between the bosses.

When do we raid?
Team ‘Me Combust’ :- Sunday - Tuesday / 20:00-23:30 (CET)
Team ‘Zulu Warriors’:- Wednesday - Monday / 20:00-23:00 (CET)

Positions Open

Me Combust (11/12M) - Warlock

Zulu Warriors (10/12M) - Fire Mage - Warlock - SPriest -

Exceptional players will be considered for both teams.

Discord: Preco#7847 (preferred)
BNET: Preco#2794