[H] Tank & dps LF friendly guild for raids


We are two friends that are looking for a friendly and casual guild for some raiding, as well as some mythic+ dungeons on horde side. We’re a tank/dps (monk) and a MM hunter.

I haven’t raided since the start of BFA, and my mate wants to try tanking raids, but he’s completely new to it. So we want to join a gang that takes this into account :slight_smile:

We do however watch guides, and are both friendly and helpful guys. Plus we come with raid ready gear (about lvl 390).

Hope to hear from you! Feel free to add me ingame.

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do you still need a guild?

Hi! We do actually, gave up search for a little while. Add me ingame if you want to talk :slight_smile: Btag: Thundrak#2431

Have you guys been able to find a nice guild? I am looking for exactly the same type of guild with my 377 heal Paladin, and I am currently rolling a blood dk :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me ingame! MrDean#11113

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