[h] Tarren Mill - 1 day week HC guild (9/9) (2/2)


Hey Guys,

10 march: Curve Achieved

Bakstab Binbo Gearbombz is recruiting. We are a guild made up of former mythic raiders, old friends and new aquintances for a one-day a week raiding madness, with an optional second day for normal clears.

We raid on Sundays and start the raid at 20:00 server time (invites at 19:45) and end no later than 23:00. The optional raid on Saturday starts and end at the same time and is often used for normal clears or m+ runs.

The guild in its current setup has been around since mid legion after our Mythic focused guild crumbled after 2 years. Many of us have been playing together since beginning/mid Warlods, with some going as far back as vanilla, and thus you can expect a healthy dose of banter, jokes, and a general positive vibe as we’ve been through most of the hard situations/long wipes and progression that come with running guilds across expansions.

What we expect from you is a commitment and willingness to become part of this group. We don’t expect 100% attendance, but we do expect open communication when you can and cannot make it. (A.k.a, sign up and off from the calendar). We additionally expect you to be self-sufficient in the sense that you should have a willingness to learn and improve your characters, use pots, read up guides and so on. While we don’t take the game too seriously, we only raid one day a week and need to optimize our time, and thus we don’t want to wipe because person X didn’t bring their potions, has outdated talents that got nerfed or has zero clue about the fights.

We will not be running mythic raids, but we have no problem if you raid with other guilds, or if you are just an alt joining us during your raids off-days. We will also not increase our raid days beyond the Sunday, nor have we had the need to fully clear each raid before the new one launches.

We are currently primarily looking for ranged dps, and healers with DPS offspecs. But if you happen to be a tank, especially a duo of tanks we will still consider it.

We are not interested in healers not willing to play a dps off-spec or in melee dps.

If you’re interested, contact one of the following people or leave a message here:


Also good to mention what you would get from joining us:

  • A friendly, stable and non-repetitive raiding environment
  • Being part of a group that transcends WoW alone
  • Full clear of the heroic-level raid content before each new tier with minimal time investments.
  • A place where we understand that you have real-life needs and where it is OK to miss a raid here and there. (Most of us are working adults, some with kids)
  • Experienced leadership and a long-standing cross-expansion(s) guild.


Still looking for more players to add to our roster going into BoD! Any class/role will be considered.


Join now - steaks on the house!


And party totems


Still looking for pretty much any dps to join us for more of BoD!


Just to update that for BoD we’re currently 8/9, and happy to take in any dps if you feel you fit in well with our ideals


PoE release is tomorrow, but raid goes as usual!


Jaina down last night. Come join us for fun time raids!


Always looking for people to join us, send us a message if you’re interested.


Crucible is coming up, we’re always looking for people to join the roster!


Crucible Heroic cleared! Always looking for more dps to join us, especially ones with healing offspecs they’re willing to play (GG EZ btw)