[H] <<Tarren Mill 8/8HC 2/8M>>Indomitable Recruiting

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Hello there !

Let me begin by wishing you all a happy 2019!
Now that that’s out of the way , my name is Willem ( Will for short) and I’m the Guild Master of the guild Indomitable on Tarren Mill horde side.

Indomitable was established near the end of Tomb Of Sargeras when my old guild called it quits due to being burned out on Mistress Mythic progression.

I however do not like giving up and wished to continue , so I began my own guild aiming to raid Heroic and Mythic while still enjoying myself and created a good atmosphere.
I started it off with several like minded people , one of which is my good friend Maxim , who has recently become our Raid Leader.

We cleared Antorus it’s heroic content like a knife cutting through butter , but as the guild was new we did not have the people to push into mythic , and thus had to call it quits due to a lack of members.

However as stated previously , I don’t like to give up , so come pre patch I restarted the guild with the same core as before and had teams ready to go on launch day. The clock hit Midnight and off we went into our new content.

We smashed through heroic Uldir and defeated the slightly phalus shaped slug named G’huun.

We continued this by grabbing Taloc his oversized stick and pushing him off his stinking elevator right before smacking some sense into Mythic Mother.

Zek’voz however eluded us like a slippery …lobster crab thing he is.
Sadly due to the fatigue and the discontent that people had with the game we had to call it quits again in November , despite our best attempts , you just cannot progress Mythic with 16 people.

And now we are here , once again recruiting for the new tier ! This tier we are aiming to clear more Mythic than ever before , while remaining our 2 day raiding schedule.


We aim to achieve more mythic kills this tier than in our previous tiers , we do this by providing our raiders with everything they need in order to be their best during the raid, in the form of Tomes , Cauldrons , Feasts , Vantus runes , potions , etc. etc.

In addition we are also a very active m+ guild , if people are online, chances are they’re doing a m+.

In exchange we ask for our raiders to meet some of the requierments we set for them , like a certain HOA level , a certain amount of gear aswell as the skills to play their class to a reasonable level.

Raid Days
Wednesday : 20:00 Server Time - 23:00 Server Time ( Farm )
Sunday : 20:00 Server Time - 23:00 Server Time ( Progress)

While the classes listed below are the ones we need most , do keep in mind we will consider ANY exceptional applicant , no matter the class / spec. also do keep in mind every single role / class / spec is welcome to join us just for m+.

Shaman : Ele/Enhancement
Demon Hunter : Havoc
Death Knight : Frost / Unholy
Priest : Shadow
Rogue : All specs.
Hunter : All Specs.
Warlock : All specs
Druid : Balance / Feral / Restoration.

In order to join our guild an application form must be filled in , you will find linked down below. To keep the guild mature / fun you have to be 18 years or older in order to join.


For any more questions you can contact us on either Discord or Battle Net.

Willem | Inserted ( Guild Master ) : Bnet : Inserted#2225 Discord : Inserted#6951
Maxim | Bonr ( Raid Leader ) : Bnet : arbulgazar#2201 Discord : Bonr(Max)#5155

[H] <<Tarren Mill 8/8HC 2/8M>>Indomitable Recruiting
[H] <<Tarren Mill 8/8HC 2/8M>>Indomitable Recruiting

Indomitable’s Monk Healer. Fantastic guild, communties’ great once you get passed the awkward phase and notice what kind of people you get to play with. Experienced leadership/raid-leading and a very decent progress. Recommended