[H] - [Tarren Mill] - <Carebear> is Recruting

Carebear is a mature guild that is a semi Casual guild, who’s focus is to do as much content with the little time we have aviable. We are all seasoned players. We formed the guild in classic and now some of us wanted a bit more challenge and moved over to Shadowlands. We are looking for players for our core raiding team. we are curently at 10/10Normal and 7/10 HC, we focus on progressing in HC and are in the need of a Priest healer

Our Raiding time is : Thursday and Tuesdays 19:45-23:00 server time

We have a great comminty at Discord

Add Tyransh#2253 or HuuB#2180, you can allways whisper the ppl in the guild to

We are in need of a shadow priest or priest in general. We are now 7/10 hc and would like a few more dps

We are in need of dps. we are currently 8/10 and are looking for ppl to join. So we can get rdy for mythic raiding soon

We are still in need for DPS to progress in mythic we are now currently 9/10hc

Still looking for more dps to join our ranks. we are soon starting mythic as we get a little bigger roaster