[H] - Tarren Mill <Core Elite>

Core Elite

Is an upcoming PvP/PvE guild aiming to climb and clear content in Shadowlands. Our main focus is to create a team of skilled, like-minded players who enjoy thriving in all aspects of the game to its fullest.

Raid days:
Wednesday - 19:45st - 23:00 st
Sunday - 19:45st - 23:00 st

With each new tier we aim to clear quickly and efficiently. Whilst not making Cutting Edge our goal, we do want to push as far as possible, all whilst maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. Whether you are new to the raiding scene or a seasoned player, our recruitment is open to all, and our officers are always available to help. Pushing Mythic+ for maximum weekly gear will also be occurring frequently.

RbGs will be a staple throughout the week. With 2 teams running, 1 for those with previous experience and a 2nd team for those wanting to get into pvp and gain experience. Both teams will be lead by “Cräft” 2.4k exp player and there will be maintained a none toxic, and relaxed attitude. Negative players will be removed. If you have any questions or want to find out more, please drop me a pm or add me on



Recruitment still open. :crossed_swords:

Can’t join, I have class on wed till 19:30 home around 20/15

Im very interested in joining a guild like this for the next expansion. Im all the way pvp, experience dating back since 2009. I opened this account in january, so I gotta build this from scratch. Currently playing on Ragnaros, but I’ll do a realm change the week before shadowlands to Tarren Mill if I could join your guild. Perhaps I can get to know the guild the upcoming weeks/months through xrealm content?

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Hi buddy.

we are looking for players like you, same mindset, give me your bnet or add me and we can have a chat.

We will host a Ny’alotha curve run in the next couple weeks, then you can have a taste of the team


Elf#22151 is my btag :slight_smile:

I’m looking to get back into some relaxed raiding after quitting back in Cata. Could You add my bnet Humppasonni#2685 and we could talk about me joining You guys?

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Hi mate.

Im gonna add you so we can have a chat :slight_smile:

So do you guys need any tanks?

Is recruitment still open? I am a retunring player from legion and wanting to get into pvp for shadowlands. You guys seem to be the strongest pick so far

Hey there :smiley:
We are still recruiting, if you’d like to add me for a chat my btag is alpha#2296

Hey, interested in the guild, i dont really like the PvE content of the game, but willing to do the PvP side of things if thats possible?
i have 2.4k 3’s exp & 2.1k RBG exp.

Hey :smiley:

That would definitely be possible. Hit me up for a chat on alpha#2296

Hello there! I’d like to join your guild if possible for the PvP side of it and possibly for a bit of the PvE side as well (but mostly PvP). I have never pushed towards getting high rated in WoW but I’m looking to change that up and actually push for it this time, I do have 2k xp in 3v3.

I’d like to join with my upcoming Shadow Priest which I’ll level during the pre-patch. I’ve added you in-game to see if we can work something out! My bnet is Kanhel#2353

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Still recruiting?

we are looking for 1 healer and mostly ranged dps now :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for something pvp orientated the last 2 expansions without much luck as I’m more of a wpvper. I haven’t played competitive in many a year both pvp and raid content.

Will you be running pvp events aside from RBG ?

Guild pvp events will mostly be focused on RBG, since we also do 2 mythic raids a week together with m+ and arenas

Hi, are you still recruiting for RBG teams?
I mainly look to engage in PvP content for SL and are on the lookout for a guild that supports RBG, wPvP and Arena’s.

Hey there :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting for PvP, with focus mostly surrounding RbG’s and arena.
Add me on bnet for a chat if you’d like - alpha#2296