[H] Tarren Mill - EU <Smoke> 2Day CE guild 9/10M SoD Shadow/disc priest

To apply: https://apply.wowaudit.com/eu/tarren-mill/smoke/main?preview

We are currently Recruiting serious players, that think they are cut out for a 2 day semi hardcore raiding environment, with the emphasis on progression and killing bosses. We will only be considering players with current mythic experience and logs along with all the normal thing’s like gear/legendaries etc.

Core Philosophies
The guild raids two mandatory nights a week.
Thursday (1945-2300) - Mythic Mandatory
Sunday (1945-2300) - Mythic Mandatory

Wednesday (1945-2300) - Heroic Optional - Mains, followed by ALTS/Socials down the line

We like to have fun in as a guild with a lot of laughing and joking on discord. However, during mythic progression, everyone in the guild takes the raid extremely seriously. Everyone is expected to show up with all consumables and gear setup to the correct standard. There are a lot of mythic+ runs throughout the week with people completing their weekly caches and pushing higher keys, completing a 15 key and getting the weekly cache is expected of all raiding members.

Feel free to contact me in game (Breakyw) or via Bnet (Rotinaj#2679) if more information is required and to have a chat about you joining us on this adventure. Alternatively use the link provided to apply.

Needing a Shadow priest eager and ready for Sylvanas and reclear after.

Still looking for the Priests mentioned.

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