[H] [Tarren Mill] Havoc DH looking for mythic raiding guild


Havoc DH looking for guild. I quit after 5/9 bosses on BoD (life happens) now i’m returning for 8.2 because i want to raid in the upcoming tier. I’m looking for a 2 or 3 days raiding guild, pref (19-20 SVT starting time)
ilvl : 416-418
heart level : 47 (just started to grind again)
RIO : 1.3k (doesn’t reflect my m+ experience, i’m way better, just rusty atm)
Got a very good experince with raids as mdps/rdps and healer. I also have a holy priest but it’s outdated af (can play it but i need to re-gear it first).
I’m 24 old dude,a calm person (got fkton of wipes since i started this game on TBC), willing to have some fun and make new friends and why not, get some bosses down on mythic difficulty.

you can contact me via bnet at :
or discord


IGN : Blyatcraft