[H] - [Tarren Mill] - <KeyStone> - Aiming for above 1k World Rank - Looking for committed members for SL CE Progression and High M+ Team Play

Please contact - Autopops#1822 or myrmidon#6982 for further info

What is our guilds vision?

  • We aim to clear Mythic Nya this tier.
  • We aim to grow in success each raid tier, claiming a higher place in server and world rankings.
  • We aim to cultivate a thriving community.


Our guild recruits and trials people for our mythic raid team. The atmosphere is semi-hardcore. Come prepared and be focused during the raids. Long term Raid Core positions are earned by attitude, attendance and skill. These elements are under constant review.

Raid Schedule - (Server Time)

  • Wednesday - Mythic Bosses On Farm - 20:00 - 23:00 (earlier if they are dead)
  • Thursday - Mythic Core Progression - 20:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday - Mythic Core Progression - 20:00 - 23:00

All guild members can schedule heroic raids in calendar at any time suiting them. They are expected to lead those themselves.

Mythic +

A key element of our thriving community are M+'s. There are people of many different skill levels in the guild helping each other. It’s a usual occurrence that on an evening we have 60+ people online simultaneously.

Casual / Social

We believe that we are only as successful as our community. We welcome anyone who has passion for the non-raiding elements of the game.

Join Today and become part of something EXCITING!

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please contact - Autopops#1822 or myrmidon#6982 for further info

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Did you update the recruitment message?

Anyways, recruitment seems to be very stable… the median performance of the people joining is not. Can we please get some normal humans to apply to the guild please! :smiley:

Roster has now taken on 2 more trials

get on board this guild and meet a bear!

Put a post-it on autopost his monitor…

So a gnome and a tauren walk into a bar…

lol come on then whats the rest…

Behind the bar is an old orc who says…

Says what ?>???

Because he’s old… Hihihi.

Face palm…where do you get them…

Please Blizzard let me post my message… it keeps telling me im a new members to this forum. The lies!!!

still looking for dd’s!

Still looking for some people to fill out the mythic raid core… please whisper Autopops hahahaha

Great progress on Xanesh guys! Let’s play ball!

Xanesh down NICE!!

nice daddy, I wanna join too :frowning:

Progressing on Vex at the moment…

I think we did a good job on Vex, just need to get p3 down and its done!