(H) - Tarren Mill - Tank/DPS LF Mythic guild

Hey all,

I have recently returned to the game after an extensive 10 year break and I’m looking to join a Mythic raiding guild in preperation for War Within release.

I am a former top 1000 world ranked guild & raid leader. I play a variety of classes primarily to gain a full understanding of changes/talents/BiS for each class but majority of time in the past spent mained Tanking, this is not limited as i am throughly enjoying ranged DPS.

I am not looking for a hardcore attitude with a toxic enviroment but more of a collective mindset where progress is key but not leeching the fun out so basically a guild looking to fill the last few positions for a core team.

My availability (ST)

Mon - Thurs & Sun 20:00 - 23:00

Current Chars (In preference order)

Hunter - 515
Mage - 514
Warlock - 516
Guard Druid - 515
Veng DH - 513
SP - 510

I would like to stay on Tarren Mill but could be tempted to switch server under the right circumstances.

Thanks for reading and hope to here back soon.



We’re Yeti Employment Agency. And we are recruiting for a 1 night a week raiding guild for War Within. It’s based on twisting-Nether horde, now with War Within on the horizon, it wont really matter what server or faction you’ll be playing on.

Our aim for the tier is to establish a solid mythic raid team and ideally be clearing 3-5/9 mythic by the end of the first tier - with a long term aim to improve on that in the following tiers.

We consider ourselves a midcore raiding team, compromised of a mix of ex-hardcore raiders, and dad raiders who dont have the time to commit multiple nights a week. We also have active m+ players aviailable for keys most nights.

raid times:
Mondays 20:00-23:00
If we decide to make a 2nd day for the first weeks its thursdays.

Battle.net: Vilanto#2439
Discord: treehugger#8182