[H] [Tarren Mill] - <Timewarp> 10/10 HC look to recruit for mythic!

Timewarp is currently recruiting! Timewarp is a freshly formed casual guild that aims to make good progress in mythic. We are currently 10/10HC with a good core of ex mythic raiders, yet still need to fill out the last few spots for mythic progress.

Currently we are actively looking to recruit a Balance Druid, Mage and a Warrior. Yet are always looking for exceptional players. If we have piqued your interest feel free to fill out the google application form https:// forms.gle/wMGVFBzmndNrYc3A8.

If you have any other questions about the guild before you apply feel free to reach out to any of the officers on discord.

What you can expect from us:
Weekly Progression Raids, Weekly Reclear Raids, Constant Mythic + groups, An active discord and community.

What we expect from you:
Turn up to the raid prepared with consumables and knowledge of the raid, good understanding of class and spec, willingness to learn and take constructive critique.

Raid Times:
Wednesday 20:30- 23:30
Friday 20:30- 23:30
Optional raid Sun 20:30-23:30

Currently Recruiting:
Balance Druid
DPS Warrior
Shadow Priest

Rabidfrog#3461, Narfu#4271

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