(H-TarrenM) Boomking looking for new raiding guild to push into mythic


Hey there,

Just recently returned to my boomkin main on horde after playing with IRL friends on alliance for a while, currently looking for a semi-serious guild to push cutting edge with in 8.2 and beyond

Ideally looking for a friendly smaller size guild with active 18+ players who are quite dedicated to the game, not afraid to have a laugh but also focused when it comes to raiding and willing to put the time in to improve

Have been playing wow since vanilla and bounced around a variety of classes / roles through the years, mainly as a prot pally / boomkin

Haven’t really much time at a “hardcore” level and although I’m looking for a guild to push cutting edge each tier i’m not exactly worried about world ranking.

I can bring a fair amount of flexibility to a raid team with several decently geared alts and a pretty strong balance off spec but balance has always been MS.

I spent quite a bit of time researching and perfecting my role so would ideally like a group of folk with the same mindsets.

Very flexible on raid nights / times and more than happy to transfer realm for the right guild!

Please feel free to add my btag if ya’d like to chat more