[H/Tauren RP] Proudhorn Nomads - Sickness and Want


TL;DR: a dynamic RP community telling the story of a nomadic Tauren tribe under threat from without and within. Writers who are new to Tauren or Horde RP are particularly encouraged.


“We go where the wind takes us. If we are good, and follow the rites of our forebears, the Earthmother shall provide.”

Traditionally a nomadic people, the Tauren settled atop Thunder Bluff when the High Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof, leader of the united tribes, allied himself with the New Horde to drive the marauding centaur from the verdant grasslands of Mulgore. News of the victory spread throughout Kalimdor and Tauren from across the lands flocked to pay tribute to the warriors who had founded this new and permanent home for their kin. Yet whilst some things change, others stay the same. It is said that although many Tauren did accept Bloodhoof’s offer to join the Horde and live in Mulgore as the stories had always promised, some chose instead to cling to their migrating traditions and wander the lands as their ancestors had done for countless generations.

This is the story of one such tribe, the Proudhorn, whom, now beset by sickness, want and conflict, may be the very last of their kind.

Opening Narrative:

“My son, my beloved son. Oh Great Mother, Torchbearer, sooner you would have carved out my heart then taken my blood.”

The Chief’s son is dead. Taken by a fever that has rocked the tribe, not all the medicines of the Seer could save him. Torn by grief, and lost in a desolate land, the nomads must gather their strength and face the elements if they are to find safe haven. Yet with their future cruelly snatched from them, who is to say what the days will bring?

Pillars of the Tribe:

  • Spirituality

“In the darkness we die and in the morning we will rise again. Ash on the winds of eternity.”

The Proudhorn, much as the rest of the Tauren of Kalimdor, worship the Earthmother as both their teacher and creator. According to the shared Tauren myth, ‘Sorrow of the Earthmother’, when the Earthmother saw her children falling to the corrupting whispers from below the earth she tore out her own eyes and set them spinning endlessly across the sky. Her left eye became Mu’sha, the moon, and her right eye became An’she, the sun. Neither is believed more good than the other and together these two eyes see the world with balanced vision. The Earthmother, sometimes together with her counterpart the ‘Sky Father’, weaves the strands of fate and welcomes the honored dead of the tribe into the afterlife.

The nomads are a simple people and possess few elaborate words or complex ceremonies for their faith. For the Proudhorn especially, the land is their temple and the soul is their guide.

  • Community

“Never forget you are my brother and as brothers we are equals. My spirit and spoils I lay bare to you.”

United by blood or tradition, the Proudhorn Tauren rely on one another to survive in the hostile wilderness of Kalimdor. They hunt together, eat together, and rest together, learning to trust each brother and sister with absolute faith and loyalty. At least this is what they are taught. In practice, petty squabbles break out amongst the tribe as often as anywhere else in the world. When the line between life and death is just a few failed hunts away, emotions will run high and every decision matters. If agreement cannot be reached by universal consensus, the nomads traditionally turn to their honored elders and chieftain for final say.

Generally, the tribe respects and cares for every member and the sick or old are looked after with the utmost diligence and attention. The chief has even been known to give away his own rations when the tribe’s need is great.

  • Rites of the Earthmother

“It is by Her will that the air fills our lungs. It is by our Rites that we gives thanks to Her.”

The Proudhorn Tauren share the same veneration for the Rites of the Earthmother as their settled kind do. All young ones and newcomers are taught to uphold the principles of the Rites in their daily duties and any member of the tribe may be called upon to prove their devotion when more immediate concerns do not hold their attention. These can include feats of bravery, oaths of sacrifice, or simple chores for the elderly.

Rite of Strength: proving physical strength.

Rite of Courage: to show bravery in the face of the enemy.

Rite of Honor: to uphold the honor of your people.

Rite of the Winds: willingness to seek the unknown.

Rite of Vision: being open to the guidance of the spirits.

Rite of Wisdom: to revere one’s ancestors.

  • The Great Hunt

“Our hooves, our fur, our flesh, we are one with the land. We give what we take and we take what we give.”

Though the noble Tauren are peaceful in nature, the rites of the Great Hunt are venerated as the heart of their spiritual culture. Every member of the tribe, whether warrior or otherwise, seeks identity as both a hunter and as a child of the Earthmother. Despite killing animals for food and clothing, the Proudhorn are taught never to waste anything given to them by nature and to return what they can back to the land. It is believed that a fine balance exists in all of the natural world and that each being who walks in the shadow of the Earthmother should strive to leave a sustainable legacy for their children.

  • The Speaking Horn

“Always remember who you are and what you come from. Your bones are made from noble deeds. Your soul is forged in falling stars.”

The left horn of Chief Jeddek’s great-great-grandfather, Raedor Proudhorn, is one of the tribe’s most sacred cultural artifacts. Acting as both a connection to the spirits, and as a physical reminder of the ancestors that have come before, the Speaking Horn is used in special occasions to signify whom of the tribe has the right to talk.

OOC Information

What exactly are the ‘Proudhorn Nomads’?

We are a small narrative-driven RP guild on Argent Dawn, focusing on the story of a nomadic Tauren tribe and the unique personalities within who will have to rely on each other for survival. Heavily focused on interpersonal relationships and character development, Proudhorn aims to give lots of space for its participants to enjoy the very best of what World of Warcraft RP can offer. That means exploration out in the world, building friendships and rivalries with fellow characters, and a passionate environment to enjoy your writing.

What sort of RP will you run?

A mixture of semi-open dungeon-mastered events and casual unstructured RP based on the lifestyle of the nomads will form the vast majority of the experience. Interaction with other guilds and non-members out in Azeroth is readily encouraged and everybody in Proudhorn will be given the opportunity to create, organize and lead their own events and storylines.

Who can join the Proudhorn Nomads?

Eager and friendly RPers who enjoy writing and building characters.

Tauren characters will always be prioritized and non-Tauren, if any such become a consistent part of the tribe, will be kept to a strict minimum. Participants are particularly encouraged to create new characters and write them into the dynamic of the tribe.

If you have never tried Tauren or Horde RP before but are intrigued by the concept here, then this may be the guild for you.

Perhaps you are interested in the spiritual side of the Tauren’s customs? Become a Proudhorn shaman or apply to lead as Seer. Perhaps the Great Hunt calls to you especially? Create a Proudhorn tracker and help to sustain the tribe as they roam the land. Want to be thrown feet-first into the social and power dynamics of the tribe? Take a look at the available special roles at the bottom of this post and consider whether any of them are right for you.

Creating Your Proudhorn:

For those creating new Tauren characters, or remaking their old toons, for the purpose of becoming a nomad, you may wish to consider the following tips in your design:

  • The Proudhorn Tauren are traditionally grey or pale furred, but marriages between tribes have filtered their original coats somewhat. Would your character fit this description?

  • Think about the state of your characters family. Where are their relatives? Are they the only one left of their close blood? The Proudhorn are a family-driven tribe and the roots have passed on for generations. Consider contacting other participants interested in the nomads and coordinating family groups. This will allow you to explore different sides to the Tauren lifestyle and may further your enjoyment and immersion in the RP.

  • What role does your Tauren play in the tribe? Do they have a particular set of skills that is valued by others?

  • What life stage is your Tauren in? Young Tauren must face the Rites of the Earthmother to prove their devotion to their Goddess. Middle-aged Tauren are established members of the community and would have been expected to settle down and raise a family. Elder Tauren are some of the most respected people within the tribe and will be relied upon to share their wisdom when times require. How does your character fit into this?

  • Design avenues for development and conflict in your character. Everybody is changed by the experiences they face and Tauren are no exception. Consider how your characters skills, personality and prejudices might change over time. What excites you to log in and write your character? Think of an arc and play what you enjoy.

  • Special character roles are available for certain participants. These are usually pre-established members of the tribe but are fully available to be customised and developed by the person playing them. Take a look before you design your character - you might get some inspiration.

If the Proudhorn are not loyal to the Horde, does that mean you can be hunted down and arrested as traitors?

The Proudhorn have no historical connection to the Horde and are only familiar with its politics so much as trading and the occasional exchange of stories would allow. They are a small family-orientated tribe and are hardly capable of looking after themselves, no threat to anyone in the seat of power. Yet whether the groups they encounter, in-particular amongst the races of the Alliance, will recognize this is something only the Earthmother could know. Still, if they could come to harbor subversives, whether willing or unknowingly, then they might become a target indeed.

When do the Nomads launch?

There’s no set date yet but sometime this late Spring / early Summer. This has been partly delayed whilst I level a new character to replace the Tauren Druid I had intended to use for the project. Still, there didn’t seem much point in holding back the information any longer.

How long does this guild intend to go on for?

I have no expectations this this concept will exist endlessly or flourish for years and bring about change across the entire community. Rather, I attempt only to bring something to life that I know we can enjoy together. This may last weeks, months, who knows, that will depend entirely on the people who help me make it a reality.

So tell your friends and contact me. Let’s tell a story together.

Special Roles Available
  • 2 OOC Officers:

Are you excited to bring this concept to life? Think you can help me make it work for the people who want to be a part of it? Have experience leading or simply a desire to learn?

I can’t be around all the time and I’ll need people to work with me to create and sustain the project. So if you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.

An OOC officer can additionally play any of the IC roles below or any other character they desire.

  • The Seer:

The spiritual leader of the Proudhorn. The Seer guides their people towards balance within nature and interprets the will of the Earthmother. They are an integral member of the tribe.

  • The Mate / Wife of Tamlin Proudhorn, the deceased chief’s son:

For someone who desires to be thrust right into the emotional heart of the narrative, this role will allow them to take on the challenges of grief and personal tragedy as a close member of the tribe. How will you rise to face the difficulties ahead? Will you strive to preserve his memory or work to step into his shoes as the future leader of the tribe?

  • The young Daughter of Chief Jeddek Proudhorn:

For someone interested in playing a member of the close Proudhorn family. Your elder brother has been taken by sickness and fate has dictated you move out of his shadow and into a prominent role within the tribe. You have only recently come into adulthood and probably have much to learn about the world.

  • The Kodomaster:

Not only beasts of burden but respected and loyal friends who have been a part of Tauren life for as long as anyone can remember. It is your duty to look after and provide for the mighty Kodo, although only one now remains under your care. You have a valued voice within the tribe.

Contact Information:

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Proudhorn Nomads.

Please feel free to contact me anytime in-game as “Noblespirit”, or check out our Argent Archives page, for an invite to the nomad Discord server.

I hope to see you around very soon.

(Zenys) #2

This looks very nicely planned out and like a solid concept. What I was asking myself/thought was lacking is the stance of the tribe on the faction war and the state of Azeroth. Despite being neutral, do they simply ignore the Horde/others harming the Earthmother they rever? Do you intend to completely keep out of the conflict, or is it a moral conflict you seek to RP out among the members when the guild stands more solidly on its feet?

(Blackquill) #3

I’ve been looking to get into Horde RP from some time now and Tauren have been a favourite of mine ever since the days of Warcraft III. I might just level a new character for this and give it a shot.

Overall a very intriguing concept!


That’s a great question and probably something each individual nomad will have to come to terms with and consider. We’ll definitely lean towards the latter with our more immediate concerns being those of survival and reaching a better climate. Certainly if they were to come into contact with members of the Horde there would be questions to answer and likely distrust on both sides.

That’s wonderful to hear, Blackquill. Please contact me in-game, or check out our Argent Archives page for the Discord link, so we can discuss more.

(Uruk) #5

I’m pleased o see such resurgence of Tauren RP these days. I wish you all the best.


More Tauren guilds are ALWAYS good! This concept is more than amazing i really love it :heart:
I would really love to interact with you or join you at some point!
I assume the Tribe would have friends, right? :smile:

Edit: also if you aren’t a part of Tauren community, you are very welcome to join! Poke me on discord


This looks like a really nice concept.
Hope it goes well for you! :muscle:


Sounds like a well thought-out narrative! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for the progress of this guild. Best of luck!

(Edmyn) #9

Incredible looking concept and I can attest personally when it comes to narrative and storytelling, Noblespirit is at the top of the game. I’ll have to invest in a Tauren myself.


Good luck with the guild Noblespirit, it’s looking great :+1:


Thank you everybody for the words of kindness and support.

I’d love for the nomads to interact with another clan. We’ll definitely organise something once the Proudhorn get moving.

I think its important to try out new avenues of RP and writing. For anybody on the fence, or who has never played a Tauren / Horde character before, please feel free to contact me and we’ll have a conversation. This will be a new start for myself as well and so I’d be excited to introduce more people into the intriguing culture and practices of the Tauren.


The Proudhorn Discord is now live and available…

https:// discord.gg/ZgHE6S3

If you’re interested in talking to those involved, or hearing more about the concept, come join us for discussion.

(Please note, there is a space in the hyperlink. Delete the space between “//” and “discord” for the link to work.)


Were I not already in a guild, I’d hop to this in a heartbeat!

Regardless, I hope I can interact + roleplay with you guys out in the open world! Looking forward to seeing you about.


Certainly! Come find us in Kalimdor when we’re live and we’d love to meet you. Can’t promise it’ll be smiles all around however…