[H] <Team Cobra> - Weekend Raiding - 3/9M

(Qarfen) #1

Who are we?

Team Cobra is a mythic raiding guild located on Draenor-EU (Horde). The core members of the guild have played since Vanilla and have vast raiding history and experience. The guild was formed around mid-February and our rapid progress since then is a testament to our members experience and skill.

What are our goals and achievements?

In 4 months of being a guild, we achieved 11/11M - Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker.

In BFA we have achieved 8/8M - Cutting Edge - G’huun.

Both done on a 6-hour per week raid schedule.

In BoD, we are current 3/9M and expect to continue our rapid progression.

We aim to have a core group of 25-26 players that share the same ambition, attitude and mentality as us and the ultimate target is to be clearing all mythic raid content whilst it is relevant (i.e. Cutting Edge ).

Above all else, our goal is to provide our members with an enjoyable place to spend their weekend raiding.

Where do you fit in?

Personality and performance are the two requirements to join Team Cobra. We are looking for applicants who can benefit the guild both inside and outside of raids. If you’re are ex-progression raider who lacks the time to commit to a traditional ‘hardcore’ raid schedule, but still wants to clear endgame content, this is the guild for you. We’ve all been there, we’ve all taken a step back, but we’re all just as hungry as ever to push for real progression and have fun whilst doing so.

Raiding Times

Saturday - 16:00 - 19:00 server time

Sunday - 16:00 - 19:00 server time

*NB - invites start at 15:45 on both days


We always consider applications from exceptional players, regardless of class.

Right now, we are particularly interested in recruiting a Rogue.

Contact us

If the above sounds like a guild you’d be interested in joining, please feel free to contact us as follows:

GM - Qarfen - Discord - Qarfen#8370 - BNet - QarfenTC#2376
Officer - Piscy - Discord - fishy#4649

Or simply fill out an application here on our website.


Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in guild soon.

(Zarfen) #2

Bump for 8.1 recruitment.


7/8m dh here (8/8m xp pretty much can kill ghuun) 1.9k io 389ilvl just moved to draenor and lookin for a guild.

(Qarfen) #4

Bumping for new recruitment update. We are now very interested in recruiting a Rogue for BOD and beyond.

(Zarfen) #5

Still recruiting a Rogue.

(Qarfen) #6

Still waiting for an exceptional rogue to add to the roster. Apply today!


Updated with BoD progression.

(Qarfen) #8

Comfortably solidified our position as the #1 weekend raiding guild on Draenor.

Currently also #1 2-day raiding guild on the server as well.

Apply today.