[H] <Team Gorgeous> 2/10M Semi-Hardcore - Mon/Thu

Team Gorgeous is a semi-hardcore guild looking to improve our roster to push for Mythic raiding. We currently have 2/10 on Mythic.

We raid Monday & Thursdays 8PM - 11PM server time and use discord.

LF very skilled DPS - Warlock/Boomkin/Warrior/Hunter/Shammy/Monk.

Feel free to add me on Battle.net (Kalisnoir#2160) if you’d like to speak more.

Posted this from the wrong character! See this character for armory links

Still looking for more Range, Hunter and Lock preferably for finishing HC, Currently 6/10HC.

Socialites and M+ Runners more than welcome.

Feel free to harass anyone one in the guild Or contact the panda above :slight_smile:

Still in need of a Hunter and Possibly a Lock to Finish up HC.

Still recruiting for a few more highly skilled raiders, especially warrior or lock as well as all social members welcome

Looking to recruit RDPS - Mage/Lock to push Sire HC P3 and continue into Mythic.

Socials and M+ runners more than welcome to bolster the team.

Feel free to contact Llewellyn#21238

Still looking for exceptional and consistent raiders to push mythic with, we are now 10/10 heroic and average around 20 players per raid.

Happy to also recruit socials too.

Add my Battle.net in the original post if you’re interested or have any questions


We are a bunch of friends who left our previous guild to find a new home.

What classes we play
Druid, healer 210 item level, can also dps if needed.
Priest, healer 206 item level.
Hunter, 213 item level.

We have CN HC 7/10 experience.

What are we looking for

A friendly mature guild.
Prefered with active discord.

People in the guild which like to do M+
Druid is 840 RIO and hunter 817 RIO and looking to improve our selves in M+

Furthermore we all would like to raid in a friendly environment, but who also like to improve their gameplay.
Prefered 2-3 raid days.

Pleased to hear if we can find a new home :smile:

Thanks for reading.

If interested.
Please reply below or please contact me at discord: Mikkolo#2181, Kim#2179

Bump! The raid team is full for melee roles so only looking for ranged although happy to take anyone under a social role

Looking for some more range Lock/Mage Ideally to continue pushing through. Mythic CN, 2/10Mythic. M+ and Socials always welcomed :slight_smile:

Quick recruitment update for continuing into Mythic CN.

Priest- Disco/Holy
Druid- Resto/Balance

thanks in advance :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Still in need of a Disc priest and a warlock to continue our way through Mythic :slight_smile:

Bump looking for DPS / healer

Bump, updated DPS roles required


BNET Kalisnoir#2160

Are you ravishingly gorgeous? Disgustingly good at the game? One of the specs we’re looking for (Warlock/Boomkin/Warrior/Hunter/Shammy/Wind Walker)? Me neither but we could be looking for you anyway! Drop me a message on battle net (Kalisnoir#2160) and lets get spicey.

Boop! Looking for some stone cold stunners to give Denathrius and the boys down at Castle Nath a good seeing to, looking for some real strong bois!

We raid Monday & Thursdays 8PM - 11PM server time and use discord.

LF very skilled DPS - Boomkin/Hunter/Shammy/Monk.

Feel free to add me on Battle.net (Kalisnoir#2160) if you’d like to speak more.

Also accepting Mythic+ / social players