[H] <The Boyz> are recruiting! Semi-casual PVE | LF Raiders & socials

The Boyz semi-casual PVE oriented guild

About The Boyz

The Boyz is a guild that has been here since opening of Mograine server. We are simply born from the idea of a casual relaxed guild where people can have fun and laugh. We slowly evolved into a semi-casual all content guild, with keeping what makes us unique. We are made of people from many corners of the world, many beliefs and creeds but bound by amusement and entertainment.

What you can expect from The Boyz?

  • 10/10 MC + 1/1 OL in 75min | 8/8 BWL in 70min
  • Raid schedules: Wednesday and Sunday @ 20:00 ST | Possibilities of unofficial runs on other days
  • Chill, positive energy and helpful environment with clearing all content without sacrificing the pleasure: we mainly play for fun
  • Transparent DKP loot system
  • Core of the guild consisting of mature people (25-35)
  • Fair and steady leadership

We are recruiting

For core related purposes:

  • Hunter: 1-2
  • Mage: 1-2
  • Priest: 1-2
  • Druid (Resto): 1-2
  • Warlock: 1-3
    Any exceptional player for other classes will be considered

For social purposes, we will be pleased to share some enjoyment in game or on our discord with you :slight_smile:

What we would expect?

  • Be mature and come with your silly part of you, but there is no room for unnecessary drama in
  • Have a healthy positive energy attitude towards your game, and your future guildies aswell.
  • If you would like to join our core, follow the requirements which are focused more on following our tactics and attendance than your overall skill. Our theorycrafters will be pleased to help you improve your game knowledge and experiences! :slight_smile:

That being said, feel free to check our logs and improvements we made along the way: classic.warcraftlogs .com/guild/id/509232

For more informations you can reach me directly, or join our discord and we can have a talk: discord.gg/7swq4Y3

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