[H] The Exiles-Shadowsong 5/9M (2 day) LF all ranged

(Spikeyshard) #1

At the moment we would like to recruit ranged DPS. We are particularly looking for a Mage, Warlock or Elemental Shaman but if you play something else and think you would be a good fit then drop us a line as we will consider everyone.

If the thought of transferring and/or joining a new guild feels a little overwhelming then know we are a really friendly bunch. We are also happy for people to join us for Mythic plus and for a Heroic and a Mythic raid before having to make the decision of whether to become one of our team. Here is a little about our guild:

Raid schedule: Thursdays & Sundays 19:40 to 23:00 (server time

About Us: The Exiles started as a few friends who were looking to enjoy the game together and experience the challenge of progress in a fun environment. This is still our focus now even though over the years we have turned into a larger and more progress orientated raiding guild. At our very core is respect for our fellow guildies and enjoying our time together in and out of raids.

What we are looking for: Fun, maturity and wish to kill some bosses!

Interested? Get in contact with one of us or read our longer post over on WoW Progress:

  • Spikeyshard-Aszune (Spikey#2323) or Spikey#8236 on Discord
  • IHealYaMon-Aszune (Deadont#2115)
  • Johnnysins-Shadowsong (Cheesypoof#2937)
  • https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/shadowsong/The+Exiles