(H) <The Golden Company>

The Golden Company is THE mercenary guild on Zandalar Tribe EU.
We are first and foremost a guild focused on world pvp and community, but we also do PvE raids.

The Company is where you want to be if you are in need of some good Company. We’ve been around since the very first day of Classic! We’ve killed and killed, saved numerous players out in the world with more to come. The core of the guild have been raiding for a while and cleared everything several times. We are however still filling our roster for our own team.

We are currently in dire need of healers - and a role leader for them. One to step up and lead our healers to battle! Some experience is needed for this position, and we’re still looking for other healers.
We are also in need of a few mages and warlocks (mostly to feed a certain someone’s cookie addiction).

We are also open for other classes - hit up either Company Leader Snik, or Company Contractor for an informal chat.

We are currently raiding Molten Core on Sundays and Onyxia a bit more flexibly around reset. We start at 19.30.

The Company has always been under the impression that community is what makes WoW great. That’s why countless hours have been used to form the community we want. A great community does not come over night. It takes time to build. I may be biased - but I would claim the Company is great company. We always strive to be better - and the mentality of our playerbase is nothing short of brilliant.

The Company does understand that players will play at their own time, in their own speed. Classic is a journey that should be enjoyed! Many of us also have jobs, wives, kids even! Because of this people will have to play in their own time. Keep in mind that we have a 2 week rule - and that’s if you are gone for 14 days without telling a Commander - then your out!

We have a few concepts that we are slowly implementing into the guild. Some are for better social interaction, while others include the bounty system. Yes, we are taking offers of gold for heads.

Battlegrounds are opening soon, and because of that we are of course recruiting those ready to expel the alliance scum from warsong! We will be doing warsong quite often.

We’re also in the future planning to provide bodyguard services (both rp and farmers). Who would not offer some coin to have a team protecting you while picking your herbs, mining your ore or what you would like to do?

Lastly, I will use this post to call to arms. The Horde are scattered, being hunted through the woods! How did it go as far as us being corpseganked anywhere you go? Yes, I know I shouldn’t expect them to have any other… But the Horde are strong! The Company is Stronk! It is time you pick up the blade, youngling - it is time to enlist.

Sounds interesting, huh? Well, time to go look for either the Company Leader, or yhe Company Contractor!

BGs are close, no doubt people will need protection whilst levelling twinks!

Company are still going strong - and still recruiting!

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