[H] <The Greater Good> - LF a few specific roles for BOD Normal & HC

(Miketsu) #42
Some more Range DPS please

If you bring more cowbell that would also be for the greater good!

(Veralyin) #43

(Donkley) #44
Still accepting Ranged DPS, apply within if interested, preferably with a valid email address so we can contact you quickly with a response and not play Battle net Tag.

(Gyaltag) #45
bumpy bump o^O

(Donkley) #46
Update - Still looking for a few more DPS to come join us. We are now 6/8 HC.

(Donkley) #47
Update Mon 15th - Need one maybe 2 tanks with a DPS offspec to join a small tanking rota please.

(Donkley) #48
Tank slots now full, but still looking for ranged DPS.

(Aventhia) #49
Heya! I just returned rerolled this char, arcane mage. Dinged 120 today and I reached 341 ilvl before logging off. I have 7/8HC experience from my hunter, with tons of progress on G'huun. Unfortunately, that guild is pretty much raid logging only, and I'd like to find a guild that actually ocassionally plays outside raid hours ^.^

I expect to reach heroic-worthy raiding gear within a day or two. If you think I may fit in, please do contact me ingame through Sparrow#22731 :}

(Donkley) #50
Sparrow, sorry missed this my bad. Please let us know if still interested.

(Donkley) #51
Update 25th Oct - Looking for a tank please, apply within

(Miketsu) #52

(Donkley) #53
Ranged DPS and a tank wanted!

(Notafish) #54
bump ;)

(Faldhiael) #55
Hey folks! We need some Ranged DPS! Come join us!

(Blindwaifu) #56

(Veralyin) #57

(Donkley) #58
Tank, Ranged DPS and a healer required please!

(Blindwaifu) #59
Bumperino for Raiderino's

(Donkley) #60

Still recruiting Ranged DPS and would really like another tank to add to the roster!

(Veralyin) #61

We need more fellows ranged and a tank, come and join us!