[H] <The Ministry> 7/8M LFmore to push G'huun M!

(Aeslyn) #1
We are an international guild consisting of friendly, fun and reasonable players looking for DPS, however all applications are welcome to apply. Our core raiders have been raiding on and off together since early TBC with a few realm first kills.

Our raid times are Wed/Thurs 20-23 with invites starting at 19:45 to ensure we start on time. There is a posibility for an optional raid on Sunday in rare situations where we feel we can finish a boss, but we won't ever force it unless majority of the players are up for it.

During progression, we may sometimes slightly extend the raid time from normal raiding hours, if we have enough people willing to stay.
Since we're only raiding ~6h per week, our main focus is on efficiency and reducing slack to the minimum, while also maintaining enjoyable atmosphere. That being said, we expect all our players to be well prepared for the raids. Currently recruiting: Hunter Mage Frost DK Resto druid/Resto Shaman Any DPS/Heal classes that dont mind switching between DPS/Heal when required!

Requirements to join:
* Weak Auras, Exorsus Raid Tools and RCLootCouncil addons;
* Discord - have a working microphone and don't be afraid to use it when needed;
* 90% attendance in raids;
* Have a computer that is capable of handling 20-30 players in raid environment;
* Don't bring negative attitude, especially during wipes;
* Don't complain about the gear, mounts and such, we always make sure that all our players get everything they need.

If you're interested please apply at apply.theministry.eu and if you have any questions or require more information dont hesitate to contact us!

Jamespriest - Skyah#2191
Aeslyn - Noviel#2853

Thank you for considering <The Ministry>!

(Aeslyn) #2
LF Mage/Hunter and possibly Rogue/RetPaladin/DH!

(Jamespriest) #3
Bump - Hunter/Mage or exceptional ranged dps.

(Aeslyn) #4

Bump! Currently recruiting Hunter/Mage/DPSDK/RestoDruid/RestoShaman and also any classes that can play DPS/Heal and doesnt mind switching between the two!

(Jamespriest) #5

Bump - Disc/Holy priest or Resto Druid.