[H] <The Obsidian Order> 1/9M

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The Obsidian Order - HC/Mythic raiding guild on Aggramar realm!

We are currently progressing in Dazar'Alor , 1/9 Mythic, 6/9 Heroic.

    Raid Schedule

  • Days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday. We raid 3 times a week, however we can accommodate raiders who can only join for two of those nights as well!
  • Hours: 20:00 - 23:00 game-time
  • Miscellaneous: Social, optional raid Wednesdays (normal runs, achievement runs, Herald runs)
    • Open roles

  • Healer: Exceptional applications
  • DPS: Any
  • Exceptional players: any class or role
    • A short "About us"

    The Obsidian Order must be about the oldest and most stable guild on the realm, being around since february 21, 2005 - focusing on 20 man mythic raids, always aiming to get as far into progressing through a raid as we could! We have been raiding since Vanilla, with no breaks in between, except for the seasonal holidays (because we, "TOO", have lives!). In 13 years we have proven to be a stable home for raiders under stable leadership.

      What we provide

  • Steady raid environment
  • Constant progress (Legion history: 7/7M Emerald Nightmare (Cutting Edge); 3/3M Trial of Valor (Cutting Edge); 7/10M Nighthold; 6/9M Tomb of Sargeras, 10/11M Antorus)
  • Members that are eager to theorycraft and get the most out of their classes and specs. We often break-down tactics and find various methods that work for us. We have beat Google and Fatboss on a number of occasions during progression :)
    • What we expect

  • Show dedication and will to improve, be able to learn from mistakes, have mechanical awareness;
  • Have the raid nights available. This does not mean we expect 100% attendance, we know real life issues happen and we cannot always make it to raid, but at least 80% is desireable;
  • Be gemmed, enchanted, have potions and flasks (raiding basics);
  • Invest time in being up to date and ready with your main. We do, so we expect the same from our recruits.
    • Contact

    Website for applications and the forum: theobsidianorder 'dot' wowlaunch 'dot' com

    For more information, feel free to add our battle tags and we'll get in touch as soon as we are able!

    Aria: Beka#2144 (also discord: Aria#0681) GM
    Ayuumu: Ayuumu#2702 DPS Officer
    Sangor: Sangor#2581 DPS Officer
    Olivia: Miramay#2805 Healer Officer

    (Ayuumu) #2

    Tank recruiting is closed for now! Updated the healer classes we're recruiting!

    (Ayuumu) #3
    Melee DPS recruitment is now mostly closed! While still being on the lookout for a DK, we're mostly full on melee DPS for now.

    Ranged DPS and Healer spots are still open for trial!

    (Ayuumu) #4
    Still on the lookout for healers!

    (Ayuumu) #5
    DPS spots are open once more! We will prioritize DPS who can also heal on their off-spec!
    Healing recruitment remains unchanged!

    (Ayuumu) #6
    Reopened DPS spots for recruitment! Classes we're looking after are: paladins, priests, death knights, demon hunters.

    Healer spots remain open as well!

    (Ayuumu) #7
    Updated progress! 2/8 Uldir HC!

    Still looking for healers! Dps spots are, for now, closed.

    (Ayuumu) #8
    Healers spots remain open!

    Open spot for 1 DPS into the team. Preferred classes are DK, Paladin, Priest, but not exclusive to this!

    (Ayuumu) #9
    DPS spots are now open! Another rogue would be nice, we're also short on demon hunters and shadow priests.

    On the lookout for another healer as well! Paladin or Monk would fit nicely in the team. (spots are not exclusive to those 2 classes only)

    (Ayuumu) #10
    Still looking for healers! Especially a strong tank healer (paladin)

    Updated the DPS list! Spots for rogues and monks have opened as well, but are not exclusive to these 2 classes!

    (Ayuumu) #11
    We have changed our attendance plan! Still raiding 3 times a week, however we're able to accommodate raiders who can only join for 2 of those nights only! For more information, add us on bnet!

    Still on the lookout for healers(strong tank healer preferred, like a paladin) and DPS!

    (Ayuumu) #12
    Currently looking for healers (Monk, Paladin), DPS (Rogue, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Shadow Priest, Shaman, Paladin).

    (Ayuumu) #13
    Still looking with priority for healers!

    (Ayuumu) #14
    We're also looking for a godly mage to join our roster, in addition to the other classes we're looking for! A subtlety rogue would also be nice to have!

    Still recruiting healers! Especially looking for a strong tank healer but we're not picky!

    (Ayuumu) #15
    Progress update! 3/8M!

    Still on the lookout for some godly ranged DPS! Or a Rogue, never enough rogues!
    Death Knights and Demon Hunters are also welcome!

    Heal-wise, also looking for a paladin healer!

    (Ayuumu) #16

    We are looking for a Holy Paladin and DPS of the following classes: Rogue, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Mage.

    (Ayuumu) #17

    Looking for some DPS of the following classes: Rogue, Demon Hunter, Death Knight, Mage, Monk (maybe Warlock or Hunter);


    Bump ! Killed Vectis Mythic ! Still recruiting mage/rogue/DK/DH/Monk for more !

    (Ayuumu) #19

    Progress update! 5/8Mythic!

    Looking for DPS, mainly ranged.
    Melee dps needed: rogue, monk


    6/8 Mythic ! We are recruiting any DPS classes for Mythic Mythrax/Ghuun progression and the new Dazar’alor raid !