[H] {The Rapscallions} DPS

The Rapscallions is a friendly and social raid/m+ guild that focus on having a fun envirement in everything we do. We raid 2 days a week HC and Mythic and a normal every saturday for socials and alt. With many activ member you can always find someone to do keys or farm mounts with.

tuesday/thursday 20-23 st
Raid Recrutment

Looking for:



Within the Raid

Our raidteam consist of everything from new or returning players to players with multi CE. With us you can find a relaxed and fun envirement were kill bosses in steady tempo. We pride ourself in our welcoming and friendly envirement. You will find our raids filled with a lot or banter and laughs that at some times even makes wipeing anjoyable.

Outside of Raids:

When we are not raiding you can find a active discord with many of our member daily on voice and in our meme channels having fun.
We love to have game nights and movie nights were all is welcome in what shape they are in at that moment.
If drunk scable is not what your looking for then some M+ might tickle your fancies, There is almoste always someone running a key and would enjoy to have company.

So if scrables, scavanger hunts, movies or m+ is not what your looking for to do then just feel free to ask on our discord.


Social players are something we love to have more of and would highley recoment that you considers us as your in-game home after reading this.

How to contacts us:

Discord: elisabetbam#1790
In-game: Bamsan#2897

we are still looking for socials and dps

dps: warlock, priest
Healer: Paladin

looking for dps

we are still looking for dps going into DF

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