[H] "The Silent Majority" - 6/9 N - Recruiting DPS players


“The Silent Majority” (TSM) - 6/9 N - are recruiting some additional members. Primary focus on HC progress.

Our raiding team is currently around 16-17 people, but we want to recruit a few extra people for a more robust group. Please see below for class/spec details - and note that exceptional applicants will always be considered.

Raid days: Thursday and Tuesday, 20:30-23:00.

Current recruitment:

  • Tanks: Full

  • Melee: 1-2 (no specific prio - but DK, paladin, shaman, monk would be nice)

  • Ranged: 1 mage, 1 warlock, 1-2 random

  • Healers: Full (…possibly a good paladin once we get some extra dps in)

  • Social members are also welcome.

About us:

In terms of progress goals, our primary aim is to keep steady progress through heroic, and then deal with Mythic when the time is right. We comfortably got AotC last tier, and that is a probably a reasonable minimum target for this tier too. Banter is usually plentiful – and we consider it important to have fun while raiding - but when it is go-time, we focus on the task at hand.

Outside of raids we have a group of people that are active in M+, but we are not big on pvp as a guild. We try to get a good key done for everyone each week, but that does require people to be online and make an effort themselves – officers generally don’t schedule and organize M+ groups, we consider it more of a shared personal and group responsibility.

Please note we are strictly 18+. Most of our players are 25-40 with work, kids, partner aggro, or studies - and we value and protect an adult and drama-free setting. Being low-maintenance is a virtue. Dull, dank humour and sexual references may(will) occur :wink:

As far as guild structure goes, we want to keep it very flat, and try to involve everyone in important decisions. Most major decisions are made by majority vote, and officers don’t have any relevant special perks or privileges. This also flows into our raiding, where we encourage everyone to speak up, and be comfortable enough to voice opinions or suggestions.


TSM is a relatively new guild on Draenor – we moved over from alliance, primarily on ED/Terenas, in preparation for BfA. The majority of our roster raided together through most of Legion, and some have raided together as far back as WotLK and Cataclysm. From past expansions we have some people with quite high Mythic progress (or old heroic raids), but the majority have mainly been around AotC-level, or early Mythic.

What do we look for:

Experienced raiders, knowing how to maximize their characters, and able to prepare for raids both in terms of gear, consumables and tactics. You need to have a working headset and michrophone, and must be able to join Discord voice chat for all raids. As we only have two 2,5 hr raids per week, we do require a fairly high attendance rate – but if real life throws you a curve ball, and you can’t make it, we expect you to make an effort to unsign or alert us in advance.

We want you that are eager to join and mesh with our current member group, and willing to share any knowledge and strengths you have. You must be able to fend for yourself during banter bashing, and have fun – but know when to focus and kill stuff.

How to get in touch:

If we’ve still got your attention, please either leave a messsage in #Recruitment on our Discord (most reliable way to get a quick reply) or drop any officer a message in-game.

Guild Discord server: discord.gg/YUXHnUr

…or, if you wish to PM:
bNet: Ulterion#2538
Discord: Ulterion#6231

//Br, Ulty

(Ultyvore) #2

Updated recruitment. Just looking for ranged dps now.

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Updated recruitment.

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Recruitment updated.


Calling all ranged dps! :slight_smile:


First BoD raid tomorrow Thursday - room for ranged dps :smiley:

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Updated recruitment and progress. 6/9 N now.