[H] Thurs/Sun relaxed 8.1 HC raiding. Ex Mythic raiders

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As the title said, we in Panopticon have stepped down for Mythic to enjoy the game a bit more and the community we have made.

With the move to quit pushing Mythic content, we have lost players who have continued to do so and we wish them the best of luck, so we are recruiting any type of player who wants to come enjoy a fun social atmosphere with norm/HC raids in 8.1. We plan to raid Thursday/Sundays 20:30 server time to 22:30 server time or there about's, depends on the night.
So, if you want to see end game content (HC) in a chilled environment, no need to pre-pot etc and want to enjoy the game without heavy pressures and have a laugh whilst playing, drop me a message here or any of the means below:

Discord: Perkins#8402
BNet: Perkins#2466


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Will also bump this!

Tremendous community, that I've been a part of for the past 2.5 years or more.

Had some great times with the community.

Active Discord community, varied level of experience and a guild you can call home.

Worth getting involved with guys/girls!

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We have a strong community for all aspects of the game, Arena, M+ Dailies etc and are happy to help new people try their hand at raiding, we all started somewhere.

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Bump. Looking for healers to progress HC in 8.1 but still taking any and all.



Panopticon has a great community. Ideal for those that still want a raiding experience, but with like-minded individuals without the hardcore pressure that other guilds bring.

I strongly recommend this - Even though my posting Avatar is from a different server, I am well invested in this community, and still join raids on my Priest! :slight_smile:

Made a tonne of friends from Panopticon! :slight_smile:

Community been active for 3 years. Well worth jumping in :slight_smile:
Contact Perkins ASAP


I haven’t been able to contact you in game so far but if you are looking for any resto druids then I’d definitely be interested in talking.

I’ve only hit 120 in the past few days so I only have an ilvl of 305 but I’m working on getting that up as quickly as possible.

Having come back to the game after a long break I’m really enjoying it but I’m finding it a bit quiet for my liking so I’m definitely looking for a social guild with voice comms.



Hi, 378 Bm Hunter here, i am curved raider from Siege of Orgrimmar to until now but i was alone in the game for last 4 raids. It is hard to work with pugs as you know, so if you are interested i want to join your guild. (i may not join every raid, my free time is not regular.)