[H] <Tooltips> - Casual greatness.

(Tueri) #1
Hi, I am Tueri, GM of <Tooltips>. I created this guild at the end of 2017 with the intention of helping new players while Azjol-Nerub/Quel'thalas were flagged as "new players" servers. We have evolved beyond my imagining, and we would love to see more people on our roster, regardless of ability and experience.
Raid Progress and times:
All raiders are considered casual, and there is no punishement for non-attendance. Despite this, we intend to progress into Mythic for every tier of raids as they release.
We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday - 19:30 - 22:30 Realm Time.
Sunday is strictly progression, and we sometimes run other raids on Sundays for achievements, RBGs, old content etc, and we run Mythics regularly too.
Who can join?
Everyone is welcome! We will trial and train anyone up to become the raider they wish to be, as long as they are willing to put in the effort :) If you have ambition and are friendly, Tooltips is the place for you. We have no set item level requirements or require you to have any experience/achievements.
What does Tooltips ask of me?
We only request that you have Discord and are able to hear, and that you follow the basic guild rules. Bonus points for having a working mic :)
Rules? What rules?
1. No Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, or anything that discriminates in guild chat or discord - Tooltips prides itself on being a diverse and equal environment.
2. Be friendly, and partake in the Guild ethos, give as much as you take!
Alright cool, how do I apply?
Simply whisper me in game, or add my battle tag Tueri#21122. You will get a fast response most of the time. Anyone wishing for an invite as a social can simply /who Tooltips and ask anyone online for an invite - any member can do that :)
Thanks for taking the time to view, and I look forward to meeting you in game!
- Tueri

(Tueri) #2
We are now in search of:
- Resto Shaman
- Balance Druid
- Retribution Paladin
We would always consider other classes too, and are recruiting mainly for high tier progression as we step into Mythic Raiding :) Add me on Discord or on Battle.net!

(Tueri) #3
We are now recruiting more healers to fill up a Mythic raid! Please message me if you think you have what it takes :)

(Tueri) #4
Range DPS are always in high demand, and Restoration Shamans are forever elusive :) Message me if you fit the requirements!

(Tueri) #5
We have now opened the doors to experienced Rogues! We are particularly looking for one to add to our heroic/mythic raid roster, so if you think you have what it takes then feel free to message me :D