[H] Vintage: older adult, mature guild recruiting

(Grottal) #15
Looking for a few new recruits to bolster the ranks on our heroic progression. Currently we are 8/10H but a little full on melee dps

(Tuloa) #16
Forgot to mention, Nighthold Heroic was cleared a few weeks ago.

Couple of weeks of farming before going into Tomb of Sargeras.

Both Social and Raid applicants are welcome.

(Destructess) #17
Room for a grandfather with a "curve" ach'd Destro lock and a ton of alts off of Dragonblight?

(Destructess) #18
Ah nvm as just spotted you are a horde side guild, most my stuff is alliance :S

(Tuloa) #19
Guild is still going and working on ToS. Normal Cleared, working on Heroic.

(Voidlily) #20
I was just wondering if you guys accept socials, I'm a returning player, so my lvl of knowledge is atm abit on the lowside. I'm on Magtheridon atm, but have no problems with moving if there is a spot open for me. if you wanna talk just add my battle tag and we can talk it over. Cerana#2331

(Tuloa) #21
HI Voidlily,

We are primarly a social guild, so of course you are welcome.

Take a look at our forums for more details, you will still need to put a brief application in just introducing yourself.

(Tuloa) #22
Two more heroic kills tonight.

7/9 for ToS.

We are looking for more people to join our raid team, especially ranged DPS.

Social applicants are always welcome.

(Nicja) #23
Awesome progression in the last days, if you are looking for a friendly and chilled guild but still want to experience raiding without pressure and push some M+, look no further.

(Tuloa) #24
We have just started Antorus and looking to start heroic on Sunday.

Social applications are always welcome.

(Zarek) #25
2/11 HC in 2 resets, come join us! Tanks and healers wouldn't hurt :)

(Tuloa) #26
We are still here in BFA and activly raiding.

If you have any questions, just ask!

(Bernasmus) #27
Hello Vintage,
we are currently struggling with numbers for raiding and we were
wondering if we could team up for a few raids and see if our people
fit in your group and maybe tackle the raids together. If you are interested
please message me or Lyndiz in game.

(Tuloa) #28
HI Bernasmum,

I'll raise it with the other officers and see what they think.

I've had a look at your recruitment post, please note that Vintage have no ambitions to do Mythic raiding, although we do regularly run mythic+ dungeons.

Heroic clears are usually our goal for each raid.

(Tuloa) #29
Still looking for players!

6/8 on Uldir heroic


After clearing Uldir, we are looking for a few more raiders to strengthen our ranks towards the new raid. Preferably ranged DPS but everyone is welcome!


/wave at Tuloa my old healer friend :slight_smile:


Still here, and still looking for more to join us!


Fresh potatoes!

(Lepanto) #35

Saw this thread and I think I recognize a few players from my Ghostlands origins. Best of luck recruiting and /wave to anyone I gamed with back in TBC/Wotlk.