[H] <Winging It> Looking for you! Yeah you!


<Winging It> is a guild for all players seeking to be competitive in the raiding scene, while maintaining a strong community feel. We offer a non-toxic atmosphere, with dedicated players and event planners, who continuously run events, both for the whole guild, and for the community at large.

Several members are veterans of Vanilla, with extensive knowledge of raids, dungeons, classes, professions, and more. The leadership is formed by the retail Wings of Azeroth community, who have a long-standing track record of providing what is detailed above.

Raiding Roster:
Currently there are no limitations on the raid roster, however we will be limited to building a correctly balanced raiding roster. All players are welcome!

Regardless of your role and spec, we expect you to take responsibility for your character and to play to the best of your ability. This includes being open to suggestions for improvement, as well as providing feedback and suggestions of your own. Both done in a constructive and friendly manner. We do not call out or belittle players in raid.

Raiding schedule:
Raid times are Wed and Sun at 21:00 to 00:00 Realm Time (possibly flexible). Loot will be handled by a fair distribution system which copies the one used by the highly successful private server guild Onslaught.

What must I do to join Winging It?
<Winging It> stands for community, sharing, support, events and having fun . We look for members who’s goals are to lift the community to greater heights, and improve the Classic experience for everyone. If you are interested, join us on Discord: discord.gg/wingsofazeroth, and DM a Guild Officer:


Small bump!

The guild is growing into a lovely, friendly place, with a variety of levels and skill sets.

Hope to see you joining our ranks soon, so we can run a greater variety and number of events!


Hey, I would love to join. No one is online currently. My ingame name is Azrielle. :slight_smile: