[H] wish we were gnomes WTS AOTC/Heroic loot runs

Hey good people of TN!

We are looking to sell Personal Loot spots in our weekly 10/10HC Castle Nathria runs. We do this every week on Thursday at 20:00 Server time and usually finish before 23:00.

The base price for a Personal Loot spot is 420k with any unneeded loot from our raiders available starting at 30k each item on a bid basis between all buyers. If you’re looking for a more catered loot funnelled run (IE, VIP boosters personally funnelling you gear) please get in touch and we can discuss different packages to fit your needs.

You can reach out to me on Simon#28608 or ingame via whispering Sî-TwistingNether

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Seemed to have forgot to change my main char when posting! But please reach out to me in game or add my btag to order a spot.

Still a few spots left for thursday!

Some fresh new spots for Thursday