[H] Wuhan Clan recruiting - 9/10HC

Guild & Server: on Kazzak Horde
Language: English
Raid Times:
Sunday: 19:30-23:30 Realm Time.
Monday: 19:30-23:30 Realm Time.

Current Progress
10/10 N
9/10 HC

About Us
We are a freshly formed guild for Shadowlands made of a group of friends who began playing together in BFA, hosting a variety of experience from fresh faces to cutting edge raiders. Our main focus is Mythic raid progression and M+ pushing in Shadowlands. While our main focus is higher end PvE content, we also have a wide range of players who enjoy things from rated PvP to more social content like legacy raids and mount/tmog collection. We are looking specifically for the below roles to fill our roster as we approach Mythic tier but welcome all players.

Classes Needed:
Melee: Arms Warrior
Ranged: Balance Druid - Shadow Priest - Marksman Hunter - Fire Mage -Elemental Shaman

Head over to the guild discord and type %apply in the #apply channel. Or reach out to one of our officers below.

actually tidied up the contact block

Recruitment Contacts (BNet & Discord)
Guild Discord: discord.gg/Tt6Yn2hpKY

WoW Progress

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