[H] <YouKnowWhatTheySay> 8/8M CE guild Recruiting for 8.1


YouKnowWhatTheySay is now recruiting to fill out our roster for Battle of Dazar’alor!

Progression: 8/8 Mythic. After getting CE with some time to spare we are looking forward to the new raid with the goal in mind of improving our progression rate and our rankings.

About us: We are a new guild formed in BFA, made from people that have played together from previous expansions across multiple countries.
We have a good amount of raiding experience at mythic level and all our raiders are expected to know thier class inside and out.
We are a very social guild outside of raid time and you will find us on discord most of the day. We also run mythic plus a lot pushing keys to high levels.

We are not a child friendly guild (20 years + only), and we are not for anyone that gets easily offended. We are very much up for fun and banter at all times, but we require serious attitudes when required especially in raids. To join us will be like joining a community.

What do we want: We are currently recruiting outstanding players for our mythic raid team. You must be able to listen, understand encounters, understand your class to a high level, not make multiple raid mechanic mistakes, be punctual at raid times, have a 90%+ turn up rate, and most importantly be able to access discord and communicate with the raid.

Classes we need : We currently have a high quality core roster which we are looking to expand with high quality players of the following classes;

Healers: Discipline Priest
MDPS: We have one open melee slot open to any exceptional player
RDPS: Hunter + Warlock

We will of course consider applications from incredible players of any class. If you feel you meet our criteria or would like the chance to prove yourself in a mythic setting then we are the guild for you!

Trial period: You will be placed in a trial period and we will be assessing you ability and attitude until we are happy with what we see. We will talk to you about your progress individually on a frequent basis and keep you informed with our thoughts throughout this period.

Raid times : We are currently raiding Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:30 server time for mythic progression. We have recently added Thursday as a 3rd raid day for progress and will drop down to 2 after mythic progression.

Mythic+, HC and socials: We are also welcoming members in a more social role, to run mythic + in guild groups and to join our heroic raids. You may also be able to challenge for the mythic team if/when you are ready to step up!

Contact: Application form - h ttps://goo.gl/forms/cpNdhhtONMieUJOO2

Contact in game - Marvzy or Horrorz
Contact via real ID - Marvz#21780 or knighthawk#2772

We look forward to hearing from you!

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