[H][Zandalar Tribe] <Endurance> Casual Raiding

Endurance [H] Zandalar Tribe has a very long history as a guild on different difficulty levels on different servers. We have been raiding twice a week in retail for several years and have roots from vanilla back at launch. Our retail guild [H] Twisting-Nether is on a raiding break to focus on classic. We have a core of around 25 players. Just need the last few to not be reliant on pugs anymore. Our first official guild raid is next Tuesday, the 1st of October.

Guild leadership/members have already pugged up to Rag and we plan on raiding all content as it’s released.

Raiding Times
Tuesday: 20:00-23:30
Wednesday: 20:00-23:30

What we expect of you: Be level 55+. You don’t need any raiding experience, but if you do, great. Your compatibility with the guild is solely based on your attitude and personality. Skill/Knowledge in-game can be improved, and if you lack this, we will help you build it up. You do not require 100% attendance.

What you can expect of us: The guild consists of people from all backgrounds, we have a rich environment and active discord. Dungeon groups are frequently running and we plan on doing world pvp once phase 2 is released. Loot will be distributed on an EPGP/Loot Council basis with no preference towards anyone.


2x Mages
4x Priests (3x Healers 1x Shadow)
1x Druid (1x Any)
1x Shaman (1x Any)
1x Hunter

If this sounds interesting, just add one of the officers for a chat:
Battlenet: Nigel#2776 - Discord: Kryxus#9881 (I am more active on discord)
BattleNet: HellraiserIR#2347
BattleNet: Leloriel#2185
BattleNet: Solenar#2503
BattleNet: Vdera#2343
BattleNet: Telrunya#2802

Updating for recruitment.


2x Mages
4x Priests (3x Healers 1x Shadow)
1x Druid (1x Any)
2 x Hunter

Hey there :slight_smile: i’m returning to classic preparing for TBC with my pal, we were both raiders during TBC and the hype is real.
I’m looking at maining my shaman, but also interested in pala/rogue.
My mate is maining druid but also possibly his rogue/priest :slight_smile:

If the invites are still going, lmk as we are interested

I am currently on ZT-,have warlock and planning to soon make a rogue,.
I am in Mythic raiding guild on live and 2.8xp in pvp.
I am looking mainly for really long dedicated guild for upcoming TBC revival as I’ll stop playing retail on it.
So if you’re in need of dedicated hyper raider and pvper let me know so I can apply.

Thank you.

Endurance? Did you happen to play on some private server anywhere like ten years ago, by any chance?