[H/A] Couple mates looking for laid back heroic raiding

Hi there. Me and a couple friends of mine are looking to join a new guild, we’re all around the 30 year old mark and all from the UK. Before I get too carried away, let me list the important stuff.

  • Not interested in Mythic raiding
  • Willing to play Horde or Alliance
  • Can raid most days of the week as long as it’s 20:00 - 23:00 server time
  • We’re a tank and 2 dps, one of us has a tank offspec
  • Don’t mind server changing as long as you let us give you guys a shot first

So the main thing we’re looking for is a new community/home to be a part of. Ideally, we’d like to join a new guild or one that’s low in number, but we don’t mind if you’re a large guild that makes sure to include new recruits. We’re looking for a guild that values personality over progress, while we’re all solid players we’re far past the point of sweating over this game in our spare time. We know our stuff and we put the effort in, but we wanna spend our time in Shadowlands having bants with others, cracking jokes and just prioritizing fun over anything else really.

If you can offer us a new home in Shadowlands, please respond with the best character to reach you on, or your battletag. Thank you kindly.


Looks like you guys would be a good fit in our group we are setting up for Shadowlands.

We play Horde on Draenor and started to look for people this week to get a small guild going already with the launch. Our raid times are planned on Wednesdays from around 20-21 to 23 server time and optionally weekends if people feel like it, we’re close to clear etc. with flexible hours.

The overall plan we have is to create a tight-knit group where everyone knows each other and is committed to play at least on those Wednesdays. No pressure at all on mythic raiding, just calm and steady progress from normal up. Also M+ thrown in here and there. Laid-back clearing stuff and having fun is a priority.

As far as your specs go it’s all good. We’re looking for every spec right now but looks like with you on board we’d have tank spots filled already (I personally plan to tank on my main).

Hit me up on Rannoth in game, Bartek#2393 on battle.net or Bartek#5474 on discord if you’re interested.


We are a casual and mature heroic raiding guild with the focus on having a good time while progressing through Shadowlands content.

Raid Schedule will be Thursday and Sunday 20:00 - 22:30 Server Time

Raiding wise the goal is to enjoy achieving AotC every raid tier and push Mythic+ keys to a comfortable and not stressful level.

The guild is rather small and we are trying to form a core for shadowlands atm, missing 1 tank 1 healer and a few dps at this point.

If u wanna give us a try as u put it feel free to add me:


Have a nice day

Hi there!

We do need DPS, as our tank slots are full, but you will be a great fit (and we even have a few England and Ireland guys in the guild as core)

Check us out and add me on anything if you want to chat.



If you are still looking we’ve started a new Guild on Draenor Horde with a few members right now. The goal of the guild is to create a close knit group to run up to Heroic raids with just one raid day each week on Sundays 6-10 server time. Not sure if you have any flexibility in raid times for weekends.

Can find more info in [H] <Epochal> One day weekend raid (N/HC), looking to build close knit group.

Discord link is there so feel free to hop on there for a chat if you have any questions. Good luck with the search

I’ll keep it short, give me a shout if you want more details.

Heroic Guild of around 12 core members who have been raiding and doing M+ together since Legion, we have got curve every tier. Raid from 20:00-23:00 server time Thursday / Sunday. We all are pretty flexible on what roles we can play so everything is available.

Message me on discord at Xerriden#2485 or Battle.net at Xerriden#2519

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey there

Please have a look at our guild and let me know if that should interest you