[H/A] LF late night or weekend raiding

Hello, 30 year old danish player here LF a weekend raiding guild. I play balance druid and i have bin since TBC.i have bin social raiding since EP and is now looking for something more serious, i don’t need CE, but i would like to clear some mythics aswell, i can only raid sat/sun ( anytime of the day) or week days(mon-fri) after 23:15. Willing to transfer and faction change. Did 2/10 Mythic as a DH in CN before guild disbanded. i have a Balance druid/DH at 220+ ilvl and working on a lock, but i will willing to gear almost any class needed, altho i don’t want to heal. for more info or a chat, feel free to add me on bnet @ Chanden#21213 or discord @ Chanden#3448