[H][Aggramar/Hellscream] The Obsidian Order 7/10M 10/10HC Recruiting a DH (Dps), Ele Shammy and DK (Dps)

On the lookout for a Shaman Healer as well now :slight_smile:

Now 5/10 mythic :slight_smile:

Dont know if still need shaman healer with ele offspec? cross realm now oopen

dammit wrong char. but 223 IL 5 myth shaman with 97 hc logs 85+ mythic logs if need resto / ele and can join crossrealm

Heya :slight_smile:

Are you open to moving server or just wanting to raid x-realm?

eventually its possible but i alread transferred from frost mane to silvermoon, guess see where teams i work with and if it rolls into 9.1 cutting edge can just change,

Unfortunately we are going to have to pass then :slight_smile: We can arrange a few (1-2) raids x-realm usually for a trial period but after that we generally expect a decision. You are welcome to add me for a chat though to see if we’re a match and if we can figure something out.

i mean that was what i was angling at also, as transfer then doesnt work out then spent another £20 for nothing if that makes sense

Still recruiting raiders :slight_smile:

Now also recruiting a tank, ideally a DH or Monk

Recruitment needs updated once more :slight_smile:

Xymoz now dead 6/10M

Recruiting DPS :slight_smile:

Still recruiting dps , but this time also a tank :slight_smile:

Recruitment updated, now only looking for a dps DH.

Still recruiting a DH DPS :slight_smile: Other classes will also be considered.

Now also recruiting an Ele Shammy and DK DPS as well as a DH Dps!

7/10 Mythic now! :slight_smile: Great job to the whole team for downing Council last night.

Bumping Post

A gentle poke, we’re still recruiting :slight_smile: please do feel free to contact us even if your class isn’t listed!