Halls of Valor: Skovald wipes entire party after being killed

So happened to me 2 times out of 2 at 19 keys with different parties. We killed it during Ragnarok phase, a second later boom, all dead (except of tank). Fixes to those roleplay timings definitely broke mechanics.

Not saying it’s fine, but this has always been how the fight worked and isn’t a result of the recent RP changes.

You lose the shield buff the second the fight ends, if there are ragnarok bolts in the air at this time they’ll just hit everyone and kill them. Until bliz put out a fix you can either slow dps so he finishes his ragnarok phase, or pre pop all your DRs just as he dies to live the final bolt.

Oh I see. May be that’s just a coincidence, because I never faced it before the fix. Probably there should be a global code for all the bosses stopping all potential damage at the moment when a boss is defeated. Thanks for advice anyway!

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I’ve had it happen and it should be fixed. Can ruin a key quite easily. What? Have we got to time the fight so it doesn’t end during a Ragnarok? :roll_eyes:

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This is something which I have never encountered even in Legion. How did this even happen? I am really surprised. Blizzard must fix it.

Just one more thing to add to the list of obnoxious mechanics in legion dungeons.

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