<Hammer To Fall> 17/17 Horde PvE Guild Looking for Raiders

Hammer To Fall is a Horde 25man PvE guild whose focus is on progressing and clearing content at a reasonable pace while still maintaining a friendly and joking environment.

We currently (for the remainder of ph1) raid on Wednesdays from 20:00-23:30 Server time. (world tour 25man)

We will also be raiding in Ulduar, but will be looking to expand to more raid nights once Ph2 hits to accommodate clears (including what hardmodes we can manage) of ulduar.

The loot system is RCLootcouncil, but primarily we rely on rolling with a priority system that goes like this; BiS, MS Major Upgrade, MS Minor Upgrade, OS, DE.

With the Introduction aside; We are always looking for reliable raiders.
Primarily, we are short on Healers and RDPS (People with the versatility of off specs will also be greatly apreciated)

We use discord for raid nights and raid sign-ups, this is a must have.
We do not expect you to speak out on there if you’re not comfortable doing that, but we will expect you to be able to listen to call outs like “Dispell Nubarion” or “Sheep MC” etc.

For futher info, feel free to contact me ingame or on this post.


do you need elemental shaman ?

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