Happy 14th Anniversary WoW Europe!


I remember i was in a store and saw the Colector’s Edition all over the place. The salesman told me it was released that exact day, and so I bought the game 14 years ago.

My first character was a night elf druid, and i still play it today. I remember loving exploring the world… and leveling as restoration until 60 lol (yes, back then i had no idea how to choose specs).

My favorite zones were the night elf and the undead zones (yes, i absolutely loved Teldrassil and Undercity, you know the ones you just burned / blighted to oblivion) and i was absolutely impressed how big the world was. Ah good memories.

I still play the characters i created in vanilla: my night elf druid, my tauren shaman, my human (now void elf) warlock and my human paladin.

PS: loved getting those 3 colectors edition pets from the colector’s edition :slight_smile:


I started playing since US beta.

My favorite moment was watching the cinematic and I remember I was so hyped and then I logged into the game and I was so disappointed because storytelling was awful and unfortunately still is to this day, then I checked professions and they were all meh… and still are and don’t get me started about graphics and I’m not speaking about the art style but the static trees, lack of physics, clipping and whatnot…

Luckily I still enjoy the social aspect of the game, PvP, tanking and dps’ing in dungeons and raids.


January 2008.


Ooh and that music when it completed… but hold on, can’t play yet, “downloading updated tools”


-Living in Germany it has been 13 years and 364 days ago. I started playing the first day after EU-release :wink:
-There are so many, but my first is the tavern in Goldshire. When my human mage arrived at Goldshire there were a lot of characters in the tavern dancing on the tables and having fun and I had absolutely no clue whether it were NPCs or players :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:
-I surely remember it. IIrc the normal box contained a few (4?) Install-CDs…
A few weeks l later I bought a Collector’s Edition and was happy to have an install DVD without the need of switching disks during the install process :sunglasses:


The problem is there was never a 5DVD one - there was a 5CD and 1DVD. Later they made a 2DVD installer with expansions.


Thank you for all the new content, all the new lore, amazing characters, for friendships and connection around the world and the main reason for attending a BlizzCon way back in the day. I’ve been playing this since the day 1 and can’t imagine my everyday life without the community of this game and Blizzard itself. You’ve been such a long part of my life, that it is actually unbelievable.

To every single one in Blizzard, thank you. Thank you!


Levelling up while the war effort was going on in Ironforge and contributing my hard earned cloth feeling like I made a difference even though I probably didn’t. Ah the good times, can’t wait for Classic!


Started late TBC

Literally a few days before wotlk launched.

Favourite memory has to be doing wintergrasp for the first time on my warrior! I saw a shaman and instantly knew I wanted one, been plying both ever since :smiley:

(Alewin) #78

Think I started about a year before TBC was released… Bumbled around in the company of some ‘burnt out old raiders’ who I’m not sure ever really had time to have burnt out. Eventually ended up with a pair of level 60s, of which the shaman became my raiding main in TBC.

When Wrath launched, I’d prepared 3 days worth of healthy meals and went at it for something like 19 hours per day - until I inevitably overslept on day 3. Missed out on realm-first shaman to 80 by about an hour… gutted.

Despite this, Wrath made most of the best memories. The overall theme was much preferable to TBC, and my raiding guild was going strong, regularly competing for realm firsts. Transitioning to ICC gave me the chance to change class and was a happy druid making an annoyance of myself in Wintergrasp with knockbacks and heals :joy:

Eventually it fizzled somewhere around Cataclysm. Some of us were starting to tire of the hardcore life, our GM was dating one of the guild officers, and our MT had wanted to date said officer and quit when he found out. A few of us merged with a friendly guild, and without really knowing how, I ended up tanking Deathwing a few times. Which was pretty cool :slight_smile:

Now I am a burnt out old raider, levelling alts and doing casual content in the short time that I can spare to play :stuck_out_tongue:

(Grendiser) #79

I started playing 21/5/2005 (three months after launch). I remember the exact date because it was my mother’s birthday. I was buying a gift for my mother and I saw the WOW box in the store. Being a Warcraft and Starcraft RTS fan, I thought I would give it a try.

My favourite memory of wow was first time I took a flight from loch modan to ironforge. I was impressed by the scenery. I took the trip back and forth few times in a row just to see it again.

I don’t remember the screen, but I am sure this is what greeted me when I inserted the WOW CD :slight_smile:

(Moothilda) #80

“Mother, i have bought a game for your birthday - I thought this way we can spend more time together… Is it alright if we install the game on my computer??” :kissing_closed_eyes:

(Grendiser) #81

Hehe. Actually the wow box was for me. Actually, I don’t remember what gift I bought for her that day. I only remember buying two items, one of them was WOW :slight_smile:


It was a gift of giving her some “me time”!


I started playing late vanilla, I remember my highest character being a level 55 mage named Mightymage, my first ever character was a human warrior named Grizzy.

My fave memory would definitely be the exploring the open world as I quested, especially when the world is fresh and new to me (although each expansion zones do that to me, even now, big job well done to the art team!), seeing players of different levels, seeing what lies ahead of me :slight_smile:
And without a doubt I remember every login screen since playing :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for taking the time to share some great memories!

It’d be wrong of me to ask without joining in myself - so my first experience was playing on a friends account during closed beta. My laptop at the time wasn’t good enough to run WoW, so I didn’t actually join the game until just before the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj event when I spent my entire student loan in one go on a new PC - and subsequently spent the next few months living off beans on toast! :rofl:

I think the moment I knew I’d fallen in love with this game was playing really early in the morning during my first or second week, on the flight path between Stormwind and Ironforge… just seeing the sun rising in the sky as the gryphon flew toward gates of Ironforge, snow everywhere underneath, that was just… wow…


I remember joining with a friend.

My PC was an old old rusty thing that i had to open the side panel of and have extra fans blowing into just to load wow for half hour. (not much has changed PC wise other than now being able to play with the case closed :smiley: )

The download took ages (Days) and i could only play it at very select times.

My first WoW (non irl) Friend was a lovely lady, max level mage who walked me through so much. We become such good friends that she even wrote my uni recommendation. Sadly, it appears that she left the game.

I’ve made some amazing friends and had a fantastic time.


With some side characters here and there , but this is still my main since vanilla. Thank you Blizzard for making this possible :smiley:


My best memories i had was when the game was acctauly fun to play nowadays the only activity we do is standing afk in a major city waiting for friends to come online to do something because the main game itself is boring as hell.


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