Hardcore WSG Team Recruitment!

Hello everyone,

I am looking to create a WSG group as the title says to get to the high ranks if not the highest so as you can tell by that i need people who are available basically all day long! starting hour and ending hour will be decided when we have at least 6-7 people ready to go.

My hope is that the group will start operating at 18 of December, i give ourselves 1 week(10 or 11 whenever patch drops-18) to get exhalted with AV.

Things you need to have:

  • A lot of time (we are looking at 12+ hrs here).

  • Exceptional class pvp knowledge.

  • A lot of Stamina and commitment.

  • Knowledge about WSG macro play and tactics in a premade environment.
    (in case you don’t just be ready to listen and execute when prompted to)

  • Working Microphone.

  • Optimized PvP specc for your role and purpose.

  • Most of your PvP BiS.

  • Engineering will be greatly appreciated.

  • Consumables like free action potions, restorative potions, rage pots, mana pots, health pots, thistle teas, grenades and whatever else your class might need apart from the general ones.

  • A lot of gold probably because on higher ranks Flasks are a must!

The Setup and their roles

  • 1x Druid - Flag carrier specc obviously

  • 2x Mage - Peel flag carrier, and being CC bots both in team fights and disengagements

  • 1x Rogue - Defend flag and if taken stalk enemy carrier

  • 1x Warlock - Stays mid with the rest of the mid force and looks for these insane bursts on enemy FC when he comes around also might have to def from time to time

  • 1x Hunter - Defense / harass mana users and enemy flag carrier.

  • 1x Warrior - Controls mid with the other mentioned people, leads Team fights and enemy flag carrier nuke

  • 2x Priest - the healing bulk of the team and support as needed

  • 1x Paladin - i’ll be that guy, i run around with the warrior for freedom and other utilities and swap to flag carrier support again for utilities when needed

Currently FREE spots: 1 mage, 1 priest and 1 warlock!

Ill be your man :slight_smile:

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we are all men! men of honor and glory and EPIX!

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