Harpoon sending me under map in rated arena

I don’t know how to post screenshots, but I Harpooned the healer in Solo Shuffle and it sent me underneath the map and i lost the round. 5/6 of course. TROLLING ME BLIZZARD.
Fix the map plz. Blade’s edge.


It’s a very old issue. Happened to me on my Warlock after using Void Elf racial, other issues involve me using Fel Rush on a platform into disconnecting, some maps like the new one and Black Rook Hold having targetable areas on the top of the map, so sometimes you can press things like Disc priest Dome and it would go above everybody and be useless.

Maps need some serious coding fixes.


You are talking about a game that lets you shoot through hills :rofl:

Living up to your priests name.

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Only reason why i liked his post, thought it ironical to the context

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