Has GDKP taken complety over now?

I mean, there used to be a good mix of SR\MSOS and GDKP in the LFG for such a long time but in the last month or so it turned into 100% GDKP and you are lucky to see a SR\MSOS pug between all the GDKP adverts. Im on Gehennas so i probably have it the worst. I just hate the GDKP system and refuse to play into it because theres enough demand of botted gold already. Seems like nobody play for fun or to enjoy the story and immersion of the game anymore, everything is revolving around gold and gdkp. The RMT is obvious but blizzard doesnt care.


GDKPs=more tokens bought=more money
GDKPs=botted gold bought=more bot subs=more money

Why would Blizzard want to quit making more money?


Easy raids result in a lot of leader
Greed results in gdkp


To be fair, GDKP is the only system that will give you value guaranteed, as gold, which can later be used to buy gear so you can say by doing GDKP you get gear partially, unlike the other systems where you are a slave for the guild masters who will gear up firstly.


GDKP is the superior loot system for pugs, so why would anyone start SR-runs?


Don’t tell him about guilds


Join a guild and your problem is solved.

GDKP is way better than LC


another “every raid is GDKP and all my misery is because of this” thread


GDKP superior ? Sure if your a gold buying shark. Otherwise if you’re after an item u need to spend several runs to collect the gold to buy that one item and after u get that item u need to collect all the gold agian. But people are just buying the gold so, basicly pay to win. Players seems to love that s h t otherwise more would be screaming to ban the discusting loot system of gdkp.


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Of course it took over. All the losers just swipe to bis gear faster than the most corrupted loot council could.

  • Remove Auction House
  • Make loot Personal loot or Make loot like GW2
  • No option to trade items

You’ll shut it down fast enough. Blizzard has plentiful solutions and the sole reason why they don’t is because it’s a fat paycheck for them.

Your ideological and moral principles holds no value for most businesses who are being ‘chased’ by shareholders and the suits that live in Wallstreet.

lmfao you can’t be serious.

That’s basically what they did with Diablo 3 after the Auction House madness.
You can trade items in D3 but it’s limited similar to how items can be traded in WoW atm.

You should do some reading on D3 launch and how players could sell that one BiS Stats Unique :slight_smile:

Completely altering how loot works in the game to punish people who RMT is just nonsense.
There are still thousands of guilds and thousands of soft res players raiding,

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That also was the case untill they changed the loot system to Personal Loot in BfA.

EDIT: My point was not to find a solution for a problem, my point was only there to point out that Blizzard will not do anything because it serves them a purpose.

Which they changed in the next expansion, To make loot tradable.

Yeah loot is tradeable with limitations right now, it is in retail.

Also, the point here I’m trying to make is that Blizzard won’t change much because they view it from an entire different pov than we do.

Personal loot has not completely removed the problem behind GDKPs. Instead of buying individual items you are buying entire raid runs. The added “benefit” is removal of gold as middleman - since price is constant you can just pay with real money. Someone tried doing this on Noggenfogger back in Classic, they were advertising in trade chat and if you whispered them they’d tell you to go to their discord channel where their prices were listed, but it seems GDKP was more popular so they run out of business.

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